❤️ Deja Vu Means A Lot 💜 Abraham-Hicks 💕 Path of least resistance, Vibrational, Manifestation

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  1. Deja vu … Right time right place divine order!

  2. Excellent!

  3. Technically a recollection of a fraction of a second of sensing just that (duplicate; glitch;’flash; copy) right before the anchorpoint as shock of attentional insight; a lesson in progression.

  4. Mental decline gives a sense of wonder that is beyond the dissociatieve angst of not understanding or recognizing;’one is best residing in a sunlit garden, with lush beauty

  5. Voice mezmerizing vivid lulled into a damp Dawn; breath.

  6. I experience Deja vu alot when I’m listening to music… or having certain topics with individuals around, I think it’s some sort of words or feeling I get, then all of a sudden I’m like this has happened to me before but I just can pinpoint the location… I cant even explain it

  7. Some poet that sucked like smud.

  8. I’ve been experiencing Deja Vu quiet often recently and had been worried. Thank you for clarifying it! I’ve made exactly clear of what I want to achieve in life.

  9. I listened to this knowing I had already listened to it in the same place I am now. The universe is a sneaky bitch

  10. here’s several things if you are interested in manifesting
    Before starting the manifestation process, you need to take the necessary time to release all your disbelief in your power to be happy.
    Take your clear intention and spend time each day sitting with the feeling of what it is that you want.
    (I read these and more ideas on Makale Magic Method website )

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