❤️ How to trust – Blue glass and Butterflies 💜 Abraham-Hicks 💕 Everything is always working out

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  1. so in last 24 hours I’ve listened to one particular video of someone in the hot seat mentioning to Esther that she remembers Esther telling somebody that all they needed to do was think of blue glass and butterflies and she was wondering what her blue glass was and no sooner did she do that she looked up and she was surrounded by blue light bulbs. And I listen to that video about four or five times in the last 24 hours now this evening I am listening to a bunch of videos on blast and butterflies and I come to this video and Esther’s rehashing the whole story of Blue Glass and butterflies I drive right past the restaurant that has nothing but blue lights on outside over there patio area how about that for manifestation!

  2. I first listened to this story a couple of days ago. I went to the Pompeii exhibit at OMSI in Portland, OR today, and in one of the display cases there’s a collection of glass bottles. The card in front of it was entitled, “Blue Glass.” Awesome.

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