💵 +200 Millionaire Affirmations in 432hz! ~(Listen For 21 Days!) What I used!

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  1. Prosperity is my birthright

  2. I love money and money loves me back
    Money flows to me easily and effortlessly
    I live in a universe of abundance thank you for naturally guiding me to abundance 💰🤴🏽

  3. Best buy store Best buy store

    I am very Very Thankful and Grateful that I am now and forever Happily Rich💰Wealthy 💰Healthy 💰wise💰Consciously Conscious ❤️💰and content for long life💵❤️💰💴💶💵❤️💰💴💶💵❤️💶💴💶💵❤️💰

  4. Can y’all check out my 432hz sleep meditation that I just made

  5. I am born to be a billionaire

  6. I’m already very rich but sometimes worried about loosing all my money. Thank you for this. It helps me to stay focused. <3

  7. These affirmations aren’t ambitious enough for me. Bye

  8. Thank you for your positive vibes your a life saver bless

  9. I enjoy this affirmation video. But what happened to your voice? A couple of days ago your voice started sounding like a computer generated voice that sounds like you. Can you put the original back on please.

  10. Thanks Justin!

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