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  1. I am doing and believing

  2. How does buying your sweatshirts help me achieve my goals?? Is that $500k meant to be an affirmation??

  3. Justin thank you my brotha for all this info iima step up to the challenge it seems im frustrated but imma dig in my heels and hold on my affirmation

  4. I would love to see you achieve this goal. My journey with the law has been good and bad. I will take this challenge my goal is 100000 dollars in profit in the next twelve months. 100 days about 25000 in profit I am in.

  5. So its $177 for 100 days (around 3 and a half months) and if I want to take it again for the next 100 days I have to make the payment again? or can i just use the one I bought for the entire year? Im confused about the format…

  6. I am so glad I saw this video when you posted it. On the low, I accomplished so much the last 100 days of 2016. I posted on my blog more, I began taking certification classes and opened my own business with what I’m learning. But best of all I spent a ton more time with my family. This challenge helped me jump, instead of THINKING about jumping. The first 100 days of 2017 are going to be beyond my wildest dreams.

  7. wow i now see the person with the voice

  8. U look like my brother…I wish u best..Iam 40 years woman…I love to open my beauty salon my family tell me iam too old to manifest my dream but I will do it because of u..never too late..Right 🙂

  9. Just seeing this for the first time in 2018. Will you be starting another one this weekend?

  10. I just found you but I am in!

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