200+ Positive Children’s Affirmations! (Program Their Mind For Success and Confidence!)

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  1. I Decree and Declare a It shall manifest in my life …

  2. I love this one my children falls asleep so easily

  3. Yea really good I’m a kid and I listen to it every night

  4. Going to be playing to my 5 yr old when we sleep . I always tell her she is a champion. She pops wheelies on her bike , picks up spelling , math , and new things at ease . It would not be possible with out relentless positive encouragement

  5. Hi.i.love.your.madthonmuic

  6. 😥mg.. I just found this my Jay 7 y o xyy autistic genius been listening to mine and I wished for one for children 👑o👑.

  7. Thank you for this Justin! I can tell a difference in my kids already from listening to this. All these affirmations are the exact ones I desire and pray for for my girls. Many thanks. Affirmations work🙌🏿

  8. Thanks for posting this 😃💤good

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