Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce
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►Copyright disclaimer: We own commercial licenses for all the content used in my channel. Dr. Bruce Lipton: Take Care of Your Mind EVERY DAY (A MUST WATCH) ►Speakers/speeches source: Speaker : Bruce Lipton brucelipton.com ►Footage licensed through: Videoblocks Background Music by Fearless Motivation: Special thanks to Fearless Motivation for this amazing content YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: ------------------------------------------------

162 thoughts on “Dr. Bruce

  1. *Body is the mind, mind is the body.*
    Thought generates defines mindset and mindset dictates the health.
    Take care of the mind, take care of the body. Intertwined.

  2. Your mind determines your future. Take care of it every single day! Love from a small youtuber 🙂

  3. Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live. Spend time with the right people. – Joel Osteen

  4. Just wanted to let y’all know that starting a video that most people wake up to to get motivated.. talking about hundreds of billions of your cells dying is a stupid ass way to get someone motivated if anything that only causes more stress thinking about it

  5. 4:50 *”90% of illness on this planet is directly tied to stress”* Wow, is that really true (source?)

    1. RealEstateInsider247 I don’t think there’s a source as such but you can observe it in your everyday life and see how stress effects your wellbeing and make a calculation from there.

  6. We are product of our environment. Sometimes it’s difficult to protect your mind from negative energy stress and toxic people. And Sometimes life hurts. It hit me and hit you like a hurricane.
    I hope I don’t sound too negative .

    1. You don’t sound negative. Meditate to help you better deal with the negativity. I found after 30 days of meditating it changes you for the better. You will get a higher perspective. More will roll off of you. Your focus will get much better.

    2. Focus too much of the things in the world we get disillusion and hurt but spending more time linked to the earth refreshes us.
      We live in two spheres, one which is the beautiful earth and the other in the cruel world. Reset our priority.

  7. This is very deep. I enjoyed every second of this video. I’m have been writing a positive thought on a chalkboard to see it everyday because I need it. I’m afraid to go back to school because I’m afraid to fail. Just thinking of it makes me so stressed and I avoid it. Watching this video changed my day. So my thought for today will be “I am safe, l’m not being chased by a tiger”.

    1. Sounds like you fail if you don’t go to school. You have failed by giving up. Why would you do that?

    1. @marie watson no not at all, having autistic children is hard work, ignorant comments like his don’t help.

    2. Hey guys, I am hoping to give a different perspective to his comment. I don’t like when people are hurt, and I applaud you guys for your love and strength. In his example, I believe that he implied, that the children were perfectly healthy, but then acquired autism after being placed in that environment which lacked love. Also, I listened to some of his other videos and he also referenced that there is definately a percentage of people that are born with defective genes, but most illnesses that are acquired after birth are formed in the cells because of stress, and perception/belief. I would assume that there are exceptions to this analogy also. Believe in yourself, and believe in your BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN as we continue to learn and free ourselves from the mental, spiritual, and physical bondage.
      Thank you for your hearts of love.

  8. I’ve noticed doctors and staff being very disrespectful and invasive of personal boundaries (conscious of how this creates flight/fight response)– why do they seem to mostly be trying to shake me up? Even when I’ve gone in for blown up/swollen cheek, they hand me anxiety/depression questionnaire (great timing for that! lol). However, it’s not difficult to find people who report becoming quite angry at a visit for common ailment (It’s difficult not to keep tally via casual conversation). “Once generate real/false perception controls chemistry…” Thanks for information that ties possible effect/reasoning for experiences. I quit drinking, quit smoking, lost weight, got in great shape…and continuing to search for medical doctor who appreciates this!!??? It appears the medical community normal operating mode is patronizing/ critical of lifestyle and behavior: They don’t even know how to respond (appropriately) if you achieved the steps to promote self-healing. Thank you Mr. Lipton for the encouragement!☺️👍💛

    1. nat-   last   time   ahh   was   in Auckland  city   hospital   they  had   a  go  at  my  vegan/  vegetarian  menu/diet   /   lifestyle   since   it   started   in  1984.   sick   off  hearin   about  it

    2. @Sean O’Dwyer truly annoying, I had similar encounters with so called health-experts. as it turned out I had more knowledge about nutrition than the mds resp. the mdas, most of them really have no clue and therfore can do severe harm by recommending unhealthy inflammatory foods.

    3. @AVA DEA : This is a tough one. It’s very difficult to make more generalized assumptions/claims about motives; however, it seems to be reasonable to become emotional based on questioning adherence to principles of ethics…

  9. 0:25 “You Must Learn This, BEBOFE it’s too late” I think this is supposed to be Before? Awesome video regardless

  10. I’ve actually recently been diagnosed with a condition where my body isn’t giving me enough cortisone (stress hormone) so what does this theory mean for me? Have I used it all up by getting too stressed in the past? I’m really confused

  11. Ok the autism part is absolutely ridiculous and I now have now respect for the guy.. people don’t become autistic because they are not loved.. i have 3 autistic children who are shown very much that they are loved, what a stupid thing to say, makes me think everything else he says is bullshit now aswell

    1. What happened in those orphanages is a fact. You having autistic children doesn’t change the reality of orphans who were disabled by lack of love and affection.

    1. Try full spectrum cbd oil I get mine from veritas farms its made and packaged in the united states and is organic. It helps me with anxiety and stress. Just give it a try it can’t hurt. Hope it works for you like it helped me.

    2. Adolf Hitler exercise and right diet has direct impact on brain health . U feel better when u move ur body and eat healthy food. Of course meditation helps but for
      Some people
      Exercise is meditation. U can’t just eat a crap diet and mediate and be okay .

  12. Meditate every day, even if only 5 minutes a day. This will be a great practice to help you reconnect with your purpose in life and appreciate the present moment

  13. I am teacher the version may be command you feel it it is not com.and on you polightly going entire my service .don’t feel in negatively positive feeling need . I am present happy position .

  14. One of your best explained videos dr Lipton , give thanks too people like yourself too open up the eyes of others 🙏🏻

    1. Help other’s before you do ANYTHING about yourself. Then you FILL the power coming in you. JESUS CHRIST. THE SON OF GOD.

  15. The kind of videos that makes you realize, no matter how much money you have___ without LOVE and JOY___ you’re spiritually poor

  16. This is facts! Every time my wife goes away for business and I’m home alone with the baby I get sick. Cause being alone with the baby stresses me out. Worried about messing up or making a mistake. It’s a lot of stress on a man!

  17. Stress was only used for short intervals not 365.

    Inhibiting replacement of cells

    Stress inhibits immune system who cares about infection when tiger catches you

    Shits down growth to consume energy when running from tiger

    Shits down immune system which protects you from stress 90%

    Transplant by giving patients stress hormones so immune system is inhibited that’s how powerful these hormones are at shutting us down.

    Cells can only see messages from nervous system which is stimulated by environment (beliefs)

    A bit controlled by genes (just blueprint) WRong perceptions will mislead biology take u away from Health. Under stress less intelligent government knows this. 20% more profit every year in selling drugs since 9/11

    Love is greatest growth signal in world. 40% of children became autistic what’s happening is the bodies hardware instinct is shitting itself off from the world (protection) fear leads to disease love leads to growth.

    Wellness is not absence of stress you need the joy and love life happiness.

  18. We need Love Peace Joy Forgiveness the divine bliss from Creator thank you Dr wo derful post greetings to all .

  19. the video is good but,I wish the Music was lowerand more in the background in gives me stress just listening to that music which is almost as loud as the person’s talking!!!!

  20. Please take off the background music .. we just need Dr. Lipton’s voice .. No need for noice to emphasise the message

  21. Dr , u r gift of mother earth to humanity. Thanks for sharing. Neer vaalga pallaandu. M from Thamil nadu of india.

  22. Gee doc(I use that term loosely), I have one of those little pill boxes.You know, the ones with the days of the week on em so you can’t forget. They works great, I never forget to take care of my mind. Because I know if you don’t, terra-cotta will be CONSEQUENCES. HA-ha

  23. I believe stress is good… it’s how we respond to stress…. if we are angry…..that is the emotion that will cause a negative effect…. we can grow from stress….anger and negative emotions cause the problem…. stress is good…there is no getting away from stress….

  24. The Goddes within me blesses and love all and wish all the vibrations of perfect health perfect health perfect health, but I return everyone’s energy back to them I let the one out my body dissipate I cleansed my energy constantly! Only I can create with my energy.
    Thank you for this video..

  25. 🎶🎵shoot my name is Alexa and every cell in my beautiful body are in perfect health 🎶🎵🎶

    1. Right! Im Budhist de chant Nam MIOJO rengue KYO. That s the way de meditate.
      Soka Gakkai

  26. In Yugoslavia people are sending kids to the orphanage? Yugoslavia is in wurope. You are showing black kids. Are you sure you are mentioning the correct country?! This is not correct so is the rest of the video correct?! Omg

    1. There is no Yugoslavia for 26 years. What are you talking about? It seems like there is no orphanages anywhere in the world. I’ve lived in Yugoslavia and now I live in Croatia and I’ve never heard this information about autism.

    2. He can not afford to make mistakes like this. Yugoslavia does not exist anymore. Orphanages are everywhere..

  27. I’VE GOT (even) BETTER! Thanks to this + (combine) Information from New York Times: (at times) I FEEL a personal war on me by medical community to: subvert anything of value (my past success and striving for continual growth & achievement). This causes me to feel bitter & resentful; embitter: to antagonize/alienate; To alienate: cause to feel isolated/estrange or become hostile. There is fight or flight, and then there is “implosion” or to self-destruct. Rarely is “fight” determined to be of positive source: such as, “the best revenge is to live well.” Perhaps, this pressure I feel is to “typecast” me!?! Well, I guess they “lost one.” FYI: I’m not against big pharmaceutical, many medications are necessary, and some are very beneficial (for short term use to enable coping– not everybody has time for psychoanalysis)! There seems (by some medical providers) an attempt to not only govern our health– but a power struggle to govern every other aspect of our life as well. I truly believe this sense, is why many people don’t ask for help when they really need. Keep learning & growing, learning and growing..🙂

  28. When your stressed you’re on defense instead of offense. It’s a losing strategy just ask the 93 Houston Oilers. The Bills can tell you how being on offense worked.

  29. Oh my Lord, Jesus Christ, Dr Lipton may God Bless you FOREVER, you cannot imagine how you are changing life of so many people worldwide, thank you very much,

    1. Definitely he is driving the world into the new arena of life. Thank you so much for bruce Lipton proving that the word was changed by one person and/is changing and will so over! Welldone!. Keep it up!!

  30. Hence God is Love and Love is not a cortisol stress hormone but an endorphin blood made whole and One in us for Healing for All Nations and Heaven on Earth as promised by God who is Love through Jesus Christ, Amen.
    Love is not a cortisol.

  31. I believe that stress is a terrible thing to endure, having been stressed most of my life. However, in this video, Dr. Bruce, you don’t tell us how to avoid stress. You say love, but my life and my heart are filled with love for most everything and everyone, and I’m still stressed all to HELL! Thank You, Namaste

  32. Endless blessings to you Dr Lipton for this amazing knowledge sharing you do: pls keep spreading love ❤️🙏🌷🌿

  33. Thank you so very much , Dr. Lipton for continuing to remind us. We need to hear it every day. And much love to all my fellow beings.

  34. This makes me wonder, Dr. Lipton exposes the system and our fucked up society, shouldnt he get killed by the ”illuminnati” or is there still some key things which he is not exposing to the public…

  35. Another subliminal message glitch I heard now 2 how many did you post on hear with listing to hear if you made a mistake seriously are brain washing us ..thank you Bruce lipton

  36. “When you are under stress, you are less intelligent. And for my example, i give you the people of the United States.” I laughed at the way he said that, but i shook my head and then nodded in agreement as well

  37. The reason behind almost problems is stress n as brain is central organ n upon adaptation of brain to environment, there is a solution of problem within itself, Mr. Lipton counsel’s the psychology of a human, which is greatly appreciative around the globe


  39. To have a moment with yourself, to listen to your inner voice I think this is so illuminating and stress- relieving.

  40. Knowledge is power. Today with the immense of discovery of why we die before our time or ending up in nursing home earlier than later. Acting on what we learn,
    do it today and not tomorrow determine our fate. ULTIMATELY it come down to how efficient we recover each day. Producing one new cell to replace one dead cell, not more and not less. We aged because we are sicked within us now and not because we are old therefore we should get diseases.

  41. Bruce Lipton u strike the right chord of understanding body mind giving logical, factual, medical, spiritual outlook.super understanding beyond excellence ,It is helping me so much

  42. Thank u Lipton sir.
    Really I reborn again with ur video’s I changed my life totally.
    “Iam the creator of my life.”
    Wow super I am totally aware of my thoughts now how to think,how to heal our body,how to think about others .Wow superb sir really.
    Lots of love and Gratitude towards u .
    Thank u Universe.
    Thank u very much.

  43. नमस्कार!! देखिये मानसिक स्वास्थ्य, नशा मुक्ति के विषयों पे विभिन्न वीडियो, मनोचिकित्सक डॉ. सुरेश परिहार, माइंड केयर क्लिनिक द्वारा । क्लिक करें , यूट्यूब चैनल पे जायें एवं सब्सक्राइब करें । धन्यवाद।।

  44. We are indeed in the midst of a new paradigm shift. We need a new Italian renaissance globally. Not Globalization, that’s a disaster, a de-population scam, We need an alliance of the 4 major powers, the USA-Russia-China-India. That combination with each nation maintaining its own sovereignty, but working together for mutual benefit, especially in the fields of space, science, and health. A classical culture of art & music to develop the greatest resource we have in this nation and on this planet, our minds. The stress is induced deliberately , because in a state of anxiety people are more easily manipulated and confused. That is the purpose of events like 9/11 and war. Trump is not perfect by any means, but he actually does want to stop the wars and be friends with Russia and China and that is why the Establishment and the media outlets hate him. We did’nt get the truth about JFK

  45. Oh wow….they said anything outside of us is just an illusion….ony come from within us is real. Thank you for shaing.

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  47. I love Bruce Lipton and his clear way of teaching us. Thank you for this compilation! Let’s all be the love we want to experience!!!

  48. I’ve read (over the years) many accounts of Yogis who have remained utterly alone in this world, but succeeded in living very long and healthy lives. That’s because their FIRST great “love” and “Friend” was ALWAYS there with them. This “Friend” is none other than the Higher spiritual Self within us all but not yet REALIZED by the masses. Jesus, Buddha and many others taught that our Higher Self is our own true “friend” and that he will “never leave nor forsake you” AND that he is your ONLY real help in time of personal trouble. To truly realize this is the greatest “secret” EVER. It is the “Pearl of Great Price” (to name just one reference out of many “religions”). 🙏


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