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►Copyright disclaimer: We own commercial licenses for all the content used in my channel. Bruce Lipton: Learn How To Control Your Mind (very motivational) ►Speakers/speeches source: Speaker : Bruce Lipton ►Footage licensed through: Videoblocks Background Music by Fearless Motivation: Special thanks to Fearless Motivation for this amazing content YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: ------------------------------------------------

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    1. @Ray Julian true but a lot of them do it unknowingly they just don’t know any better because that’s how they were raised. That’s why I believe they should teach self-help and personal development in our school systems. We’re not trees so matter what hard things happen to us, we can change.

    2. @Ray Julian and if that elders concert to a religion and be fanatics “ they RUIN their kids life” mf don’t give guilty trip to the kids 😡😡

  1. Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. – Helen Keller

    1. @Truth walker I agree – I meditate & sleep to hypnotherapy audio&listen to audio on affirmations,&also now trying to incorporate energy psychology in, & have noticed it has all helped tremendously- BUT I also pray to God every day (5x a day being Muslim,) & I actually find true peace in doing so – knowing He’s always there to have hope in. Regardless of trying to better myself through other means(&become a more generally positive happy person) – I can honestly say, I wouldn’t feel complete & would feel thrown off, empty, anxious&lost if I wasn’t praying to Him regularly so that HAS to be included in the equation along with other methods of self care in becoming the best version of yourself

  2. *I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and you put the work and time into it. I think your mind really controls everything.*

  3. Your mind and your focus is very important in order to achieve your goals. Great video! Love from a small youtuber 🙂

  4. this man sounds very sad and desperate. why would i take advice from a man who’s yelling his half formulated sentences at me in a confused tone

    1. Watts Huxley’s Rajneesh – Maybe frustrated that he’s got secrets to life he discovered decades ago God bless him – I say keep shouting from the rooftops I will gladly hear 😀

  5. Never underestimate the power of our minds. We can change how we view the world simply by changing our thoughts. It all starts within us, no where else.

  6. Life is an INNER GAME, my friends. You must utilize your mind to expand your life and true “being” or get lost in your mind and let it control you. Most of our pain and suffering is the result of being lost in our minds.

    1. nayana Britt vibration, vibes isn’t it too new age? So how do we raise our vibration? How do you do it?
      Aging is inevitable even if you don’t believe in it. I don’t see Dr Bruce getting any younger…

    2. walker  that is because there is a world belief that we have to get old and it is imprinted in our cells because it has been the universal beliefs affecting us all from ages…

    3. @Truth walker with all due respect you sound like a victim. We can’t control others we can only control our own circumstances, not outside circumstances. We’re not trees we can adopt and change.

  7. Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going. – Chantal Sutherland

  8. How can you be FREE from these narratives?  “I need to work to pay my bills…I need to please other people all the time…I need to be perfect at everything I do…I never can be vulnerable, otherwise people will make fun of me…”

    Here’s a meaningful conversation I had with my friend and coach colleague Alison Dubbins on those topics. Enjoy, share the video, subscribe to the channel! Let’s talk!

  9. this channel is so inspiring that it makes me to start making motivational and self reflection videos too. hope you can chect it out and if you like it just let me know and i will try to make more for you. thank you and godbless.👍😇

  10. Dear Bruce.i really likebyour movies. Very educational , infirmative. Im not sure who does the production of the movis, but at least five or more are repetetive information……thank you for all your work.

  11. Wonderfull as usual. I like to use other words than CONTROL the mind, etc. and find other ways to use and change it. We are too controlled in our culture, and need to value, and use words and techniques that delight the mind and soul, such as playful, joyful, laughable, delightful, loving, caring, contributing, fun,, creative, nourishing, helpfull. A NEW system, techy or not, that creates smiling people whose cells are happy from the outside in. Humor and joy wins, but we can’t just lean on comedians for them. Instead of going to the gym we might all walk the streets smiling at one another. Just imagine the effect of that. Just imagine! And in just a few days! How can we care for one another and make a living. Thank you Bruce for starting a new “ism” toward that goal!!

  12. Regardless of the piano the massege is the best its caught my attention and I am spreading the word thank you Dr. Bruce Lipton I had been waiting for this all my life without knowing . This will defenatly change our perception of reality as we see it .

    1. @Truth walker and im sure must be part of many other ancient systems across the world. however we lost it as we advanced with science ridiculing those teachings as mere belief systems while dismissing the science behind those teachings.

  13. We are like Dr. Who’s Tardis, the world inside is infinitely larger than the world outside.
    Don’t cha just love those paradoxes!🤔😏😂

  14. I love Dr Bruce but I’m getting sick of this type of video with the same dramatic background music, clueless random images and tons of echo in the voice! Bruce’s words should be more than enough for me. Greetings from Brazil.

    1. Funny. .I didn’t notice the music until you pointed it out…I was focused on wbat Bruce Lipton was saying….good stuff! 😊

    2. A good point to consider then, learn to FOCUS on Priorities and the rest….won’t be a distraction ….you will learn to filter it out😊

    3. You know what I do? I download the sound only and out it on SD card. I just saw this video and downloading it as we speak. So the fact that it’s bothering you shows how powerful the mind is. Your thought controlling your emotions 😁

    4. I agree! I really dont understand why ppl use background music during a speech or talk. In this case the music is even louder than the words.

    5. Thanks you, Nelson. I agree. I always think this with almost every video I watch. I’m tired of the unnecessary background music and sometimes the unnecessary tones and delivery of the message. Why not just talk in a “normal” fashion? No weird or drawn out tones. And PLEASE STOP THE MUSIC. and the clips of models doing random activities.

      I did love this talk Dr. Lipton gave though. He’s amazing. 🙂

  15. Very simple! We become what we think about most of the time. So focus on what you want in life, not what you don’t want, period.

    1. From what I understand is you’d have to consciously focus on what you want in life every single day all day for it to work and you’ll take necessary action. But we’re only conscious to that level about 5% of the day. 95% you’re zoned out and thoughts are running through your head. Those subconscious thoughts and feelings you have are what control your life when you’re not in a conscious state.

    2. @Pranav Gainz I don’t know where you came up with 5% but that’s bologna. We’re not trees. We’re human beings with free will. I constantly think about what I want in life I put little notes on my desk and my car in my bathroom just to reinforce that thinking also. My Google feeds YouTube everything is all about personal development and on what I want to accomplish. Turn off all other noise. Especially any negative social media or Media news

    3. JM M Dr.lipton. The guy in the video. What I meant is 90-95% of your life is dictated by your subconscious programming

    4. @Pranav Gainz I’m not sure about the video I haven’t watched that in a while, but this is what works for me.

    5. @ JM M, Pranav is correct. Binge watch the videos of Dr Lipton and you will understand the 5% of consciousnesses. The repetition is how to re-program your subconscious mind where 95% of your life activities originates.

  16. None of this is possible with our current rulers. Licenses to do it and renewal of the same license, dont pay property tax and see who owns your land. To truly pursue this we need to truly be free. The best thing we can do as a people is abolish all government. Period. We CAN govern ourselves.

  17. Interesting and fairly simple. It amazes me how once we educate ourselves we allow our minds to actually see things as they are .

  18. The video ended up not telling HOW to control the mind, but what will be achieved if we control the mind. Mmm…. a bit disappointed.

  19. Can somebody get these clowns to stop this annoying piano music in the background? These videos are absolutely unwatchable. The piano is just awful.

  20. I’ve used vibration for years. I can’t remember not. But the thing is with it’s good to a degree. Bit I feel people energy and its not ajwayz good. I have to meditate to stay above it as it hurts sometimes. I also hear things like a medium does but I dont want that. As i dont understand why what they want from me. I’ve had ptsd that I healed years ago with powerful thoughts. I’m on medication but cut it right down. I do tichi to keep in contact with nature. my hands get so hot when theres someone Ill around me. Like right in the palm of my hands. Its really annoying I try to ignore it. I dontt know sometimes what’s good . I have started going to spiritualist church. and its helped me loads. I’ve let the voices in a tiny bit i hear them in vibration. Like if my TVs loud the hoovers on etc. Vibration from sound .. Sounds crazy but I’ve always had it .

    1. You are dealing with the spirit realm and are probably tormented. I invite you to learn about Jesus Christ and find true freedom and peace. They won’t let go easily but God will help you if you ask Him to.

  21. And use a blue background like the news etc. Because it’s very hypnotic to me so people doi get sucked in without knowing x FACT

  22. He says, language was designed to hide feelings…. Hm. Thinking on this one sentence. If we really listen thoughtfully to these types of videos, and not with a blank acceptance, we can sometimes catch sentences or phrases that we otherwise would blindly accept. I would like to hear him expound on this one statement alone because that makes no sense whatsoever…. Language was designed to hide feelings? But feelings are not always correct either-they can be dead wrong. Reasoning and wisdom has to be in the mix as well….

    1. In communication classes it is stated WORDS are only 25% or less of the message. It is the ENERGY behind the words that carries message….

    1. @Josephine Alquinto He is saying that we get older because collectively, we believe we are aging. Each of us is affected by our collective thoughts.

    1. @Heather Guthrie I understand, finally, as a senior woman who was a child of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Our society and systems attempt to control a human work force by using psychology and mind control through hypnosis and brain washing techniques (popular media, songs, music, sound vibration, television programs, movies, video games, etc.) This stuff gets in our psyche and how we treat the less fortunate; so ingrained and we pass down our so called knowledge to future generations, a social morality based on outside influences and our guilt and questioning is biased to start with, but, we don’t know that (we’re born innocent and trusting, a blank page soaking up all this shiza and believing it to be truth) and we end up beating ourselves up in our own minds.

    2. @Gail Shepley I love this! And it’s absolute truth. We can spend a lifetime on reprogramming & I love the work so much. I’d watch a video of your dissertation.

  23. This is not reality. Shit happens to everyone. You can’t always have what you want and live the way you want to. To keep desiring that and feeling hopeful and then disappointed is a sure way to all kind of pain. Mr Lipton please stop fooling people. Belief is important, even God’s Word said it thousands of years ago but in this world we will also have trials and tribulation. I’ll believe what you teach if I’ll see you reverse your own aging by this process. I seem to see that you are getting older each year belief or not. There are way too many gurus these days selling snake oil and they are called motivational speakers. They write a book saying things that have been known for centuries and then proclaim they’re experts in it. They sell you the belief that you can live the way you desire. There is an old saying: if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

    1. To truely understand it, you need to mediate to a different state of consciousness yet keep a solid ground to the world as you know it. Only then when you are able to travel these multidimensional levels will you have the ability to simultaneously experience seperate energies as one.

      In this instance if you can grasp that a) gives way as the Audio realm of energy then the Audio gives shape to the response of the third party which although also is experienced in audio is in reference to the visual. Hence, if you aren’t enlightened it will just sound like someone’s speaking German.
      a) “..,,,,,,,,,,,what you are thinking”
      c) “They typed capitals”

  24. in highschool our teachears back in the 80s they lie about how the cells work and atoms,molecules,phisics,they tougth us pure B.S!!!!!

  25. “I’ve been saying this for 30 years & science is finally coming around now….” Really? I mean, did you really just say that?? :/ It’s a great (though not new) message, but the one thing this video doesn’t do is the thing it CLAIMS to do, which is the teach anyone how to control their mind. “Must watch to the end” I guess means “go read chapter 2 for the punch line”.

    1. Watch Aaron doughty he tells you exactly how to do this and live the life you were meant to live, He calls it helping people expand their consciousness

    2. Not only that a person well known like this guy and other scientists wouldn’t be able to just put stuff out like that without getting into trouble they have to be careful because the pharmaceuticals can take them down with all the money they have

  26. This man is amazing, I read his books years ago and the information sticks, even for a simple soul like me. I do hate the the razzmatazz which has crept into this type of video. I can put up with the adverts because they are are bringing in the money needed to promote this important information, but I don’t like it. However, the power to change our lives comes from the words of people like Bruce, and boy do we need help in this chaotic world of ours. I thank him for his important work.

  27. 50 trillion times 1.4 is 70 trillion not 700 trillion. Just had to get that out there. Not that it matters, (pun intended) but it’s interfering with my frequency so I had to adjust it by applying matter through this comment.

  28. Can’t believe there are commercials interrupting this talk over and over again. Money is more poweful than this stuff according to the uploader. Shame on you!

  29. Why does Yosemite sam swimming to get paddles is in my head while training my brain to 100% capacity…

  30. What’s with all the music added to these videos? It’s so loud you can barely hear Bruce Lipton, the person we’re actually interested in listening to.

    1. They are basically making money by republishing Lipton on their out platform and circumventing copywriter restrictions. how you tubers make passive income

    2. vartan I find it more inspirational with music, music is vibration, this music vibrate in harmony with me, maybe you’re not!

  31. Bravo !! You said everything except CONSTRUCTIVE SUGGESTION on HOW to change our mind. Great job. Btw that music interferes with our concentration…way to loud.

    1. LSB Film Productions lol – It’s true but, all of them do the same. I guess it’s for the good. What I wanna know is how to really work with this knowledge. Knowing something but not knowing how to you it, is just like not knowing. It’s all so conflicting sometimes.

  32. I love this guys speeches, very inspiring & I also believe we should not age. I my mind I’m always ignoring the fact that years are passing by & I believe I’m not aging 😉 I also give my body cells a helping hand by drinking Kangen water to flush my cells & I use X39 lifewave patches to stimulate my stem cells

  33. You have to change your mind and your thought towards God, towards truths and hear from God’s Words. Or else your sins, which remain unrepented, yet to turn away, which the Bible said and declared, that collect dirt and diseases for you, will continue to do so to harm you.

  34. Did everyone else listen to the same video I did? This guy keeps saying he is right and discrediting everyone who disagrees with him but he isn’t providing any evidence. He is just starting this is how it is and all the other scientists are trying to deceive you. I believe in vibrations and interaction we understand subconsciously but this guy did a terrible job explaining any of it.

  35. Dr Lipton i love your work. I listen to you often. I need some advice about immunizations….
    I havent done them.for my kids but the school now threatening to kick my youngest out if she doesnt have them done. Do you believe in them? Are they safe and i have been dooped the other way? Should i just accept that mychildren are healthy and can handle the toxins that they want to put in to her body? Is there a way to get around this or deal with the vax actually going into her body.
    I would appreciate and take to heart whatever you have to say.
    And to all the people who are not pro choice and believe and bully others into vacconating save your breath. Ive heard it all and want the opinion of someone who actually educated not opinionated.
    Hope to hear from you
    Thank you

  36. How dare you “ youtube “
    interrupt a person with an ad
    while listening to a lesson of interest ?
    You know it’s rude & want to charge the listener for the birth-right of the common courtesy of not being interrupted multiple times in 10 minutes
    You disgust me

  37. Great video..great teaching tool for the different types of the way people learn, some auditory and some visual.

    1. Vj Kam s it’s German. This is taken from a lecture he gave in Germany. They have cleverly edited out most of the translation

  38. tricking us intowatching your entire still not going to work if they do commercials during the middle of it I’m not going to watch all the way

  39. SO , Mr. Bruce Lipton. You said we don’t have to age and other things. I’m curious as to why you haven’t shown us. I’m wondering if they philosophy is good. No harm in trying is there?

    1. He said in one of his lectures not him but simply listen . He has a point and you have your point too. His lectures ate truly amazing !💖

  40. 50 trillion times 1.4 Volts is 70 trillion Volts and NOT 700 trillion Volts. Dr Bruce Lipton may be a great scientist but he can’t do math for shit.

  41. It’s so Amazing!!! It is so true!!! Yes I have the same feeling: We can be young for much more longer then average person does at the moment! I always saying to my self, I will live 210 years healthy and in happiness. And I believe in this, I will ✨✨
    Love the last sentence-it is my credo too ‘ it will be Heaven in this Earth 🌍✨✨✨
    Thanks for the great video!!! Light with you!

    1. I do agree with you. Since little my fear wasn’t being old, was the aging of my body. I didn’t pray but I did put my old energy into that. Now I’m 52 and I still have a body of someone in theirs early 30. I know it’s unbelievable. I’m a mom of three and my body look younger.

  42. Why there is music in the background and why is it so loud ??? Why not let the video alone wothout some bs background images? Let the guy talk without alerting this. I find it very hard to watch and hard to concentrate

  43. I think you actually believe what you’re saying. Incredibly ridiculous. The universe is waves but you’re conclusions are not founded on any reasonable scientific evidence

  44. Just don’t understand the loud music in many videos. As if the words aren’t enough. As if we are not aware enough to get just the words.

  45. Great but he doesn’t say how to keep the mind healthy and happy. Take it a step further, chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times everyday for 3 months and watch your mind heal and become more enlightened! Through meditation alone you will find the door to mental health and happiness. Not drugs or alcohol or money or any worldly things for that matter.

  46. The solutions to our problems depends on how we respond and this is what I am learning from many masters that love ❤️ peace and calmness can make many miracles. Thank you 🙏 ❤️

  47. That is a lie. cellular voltage measures in micro volts and is not sum affable as if in series.
    You conveniently left out to upsells your stance what negativity happens when you are exposed continuously to toxic vapors and/or commercial and military energies(aka cellular, TV tower, harp ionospheric heaters, FM stations, am stations, so called sat uplinks, Gwen towers, high voltage power line effects, Soviet wood pecker signal, speztna weaponry, nazi/jew weaponry), and gravitational anomalies.

  48. That damned music is too distracting from the message, it’s a shame because the message was very informative.

    1. Marlena Forbes-Reidy listen to the message not the music.
      I suppose your music is probably pretty annoying.

    2. Judy Konecky – Still distracting and my opinion stands , – what I like in music is my business OK ??

    3. Judy Konecky – I keep my opinions and my spirituality to myself I don’t have to answer to anyone, I suggest you do the same Judy

  49. The music is very distracting……..too loud not appropriate. …….. very hard to focus on what is being said.

  50. The message is amazing, as always! The music would be less distracting if it were softer than the voice. The voice should be in the foreground, the music in the background. Please?!

  51. I love God and I believe in Jesus, but this man started me on a road 20 years ago, what he says feels like a liberating gospel.

    1. Religion program our minds to be in “the future=looking for salvation” or “looked at your past=your sins”, so then you are no enjoying your PRESENT… love 💕 Dr Bruce Lipton 💕

    2. The Bible is a manual about physiological regeneration, psychology and astrology, written in code (gematria, parables), providing us a path to enlightenment (atonement). Most people believe the Bible is a historical book to be taken literally. It’s not, it’s about you and YOUR path to enlightenment. You are the Protagonist. No one’s coming to save you. All of these parables were written about and for you.

    3. @Thor, ur right, the books of Bible are the states of mind, and battles with Ego.. to arrive in the state of christos, renewed, reborn… Enlightenment x

  52. Its Heavenly given this Amazing Information by my Dearest Dr. Bruce Lipton ..Great Respect for another Great Man !!🙏💞🙏💞

  53. So then how does one explain the impact of 5G which will undoubtedly alter the volts of energy in your body, quite possibly disrupting it and causing the inability for cells to properly communicate with each other. Can the “mind” overcome this, too?

  54. Some truth here but not all of it adds up for me. The gazelle doesn’t go near the lion because it recognizes the lion as a natural enemy. If the lion sneaks up on it successfully, it will not notice the “vibration” and will allow itself to be near the lion. Similarly, if a peaceful person goes near the birdfeeder, without any intent to harm, the birds will still generally fly away unless/until one spends enough time there to teach them otherwise. That’s not vibration. It’s association and pragmatic, survivalist fear. Care to walk up to a grizzly bear with good vibes? People have been killed with such practice. That said, vibration still plays a strong influence and property in all things. Comments on that anyone?

  55. ‘Language was created to hide feelings’. So true!
    Dr. Bruce is waking the people up consciously, with his knowledge.

  56. I thought this guy had some useful perspectives until he explained that a gazelle won’t go up to a lyon because of some un measurable unit of vibration. I was so silly in believing that it was because of millions of years of predator and pray behavior.

  57. I was moving a TV screen as I started listening to this, as I was carefully walking with the TV in a very uncomfortable posture, still listening, I heard the word “drop” about three times said in the same sentence….no, I didn’t drop the TV.

  58. Reptilian brains do not have the capacity to see only ‘good’, that’s why we create the opposite. Jesus came to show us how to ‘crucify’ our flesh (Ego) in order to allow our Spirit (Energy) to control our reality. But this story is told again & again, people just don’t see it. But let’s take an ‘oldy’ but goody metaphorical story of the process of living forever:
    Dorothy from Oz actually died in Kansas. We know this bc we ‘read’ the metaphors. The empty/broken house reflects her broken body. The dead witch reflects her dead body. Dorothy ‘bounced’ to a parallel timeline.
    Dorothy met her beliefs, which came ‘short’ of understanding (munchkins). She followed her heart/power (red shoes) in order to dominate her reptilian ego (wicked witch). She met 3 ‘tall’ friends who mirrored her reptilian brain challenges (ignorance/scarecrow, narcissism/tin man, shame-blame/Lion). These ‘friends’ also represents CHAKRAS that must be cleared or cleaned, which DID occur at her 4th GREEN Chakra in Emerald City. Dorothy killed her reptilian ego with SPIRIT (Water) in order to allow spirit to dominate her flesh. Once ego was dead, no one could be against her bc she was using her energy & power so the monkeys & soldiers became her ally’s. Her self-importance was exposed (Wizard) as being full of hot air (balloon). Dorothy opened all 7 Chakras in order to astral travel over the 7 colors of the rainbow. Dorothy BECAME the pretty BLUE bird, except she wore a BLUE dress.
    NOW, Jesus had 7 Wounds, killed his EGO on a dead & fruitless TREE in order to resurrect over the 7 heavens/scrolls.
    So no, we CANNOT manipulate ourselves into believing we can never die until the 7 wounds/chakras have been processed through transformation. Thats why modern Christians are still like ‘munchkins’ bc they worship the Holy Spirit (Glenda) but they never grow their spirit enough to walk the way, truth or life (yellow brick road). Christians build churches to tongue-worship & all it does is render the worshiper powerless. It’s funny that Jesus said we can be as powerful as him, that we can move mountains (shift parallel realities) & that heaven is ALREADY here (on a parallel world) & not one Christian I know can perform any miracles. Jesus does not want stupid worship. Jesus wanted people to find their POWER (like Dorothy) in order to LIVE FOREVER. So go to church, you silly munchkins. Sit when the pastor or priest tells you to sit, open your book when they tell you to. Say what they tell you to say, pray what they tell you to pray. One day you might just wake up with a tornado in your yard & think to yourself, ‘if only I could talk to the Holy Spirit myself’. And you don’t realize you have the power, even more than your stupid pastor. But you die, so you must go on learning lifetime after lifetime until you learn to kill your ego, take back your power & fucking ASCEND!

  59. We are ATOMS, We Are ADAMS!
    The Divine Fire, the Creator created Adam and Eve, or Positive and Negative, but we are all ADAMS/ATOMS same thing. Therefore we are Gods and goddesses because we are creators. We are getting closer to the new age and mans consciousness is opening. Peace ♥️

  60. Self mind control? Talk talk tik about hunger control? What about medical dictatorship?

  61. Day one of watching! Been working on Unix naturally for the last 2 years. I understand the power of our own energy ; mind & body 😌 I practice taichi ; meditation; yoga & affirmations- yet I also use pure energy. Love this video!

  62. I believe what you say go be true. May I add, that Science and The Church do not mix the least bit. So, since Religion pops up in the form of Ti Chi or Ti Ching, it taints the mental thought between you and your cells. Any Religion stems out of the Vatican. They wrote em All! The expression of Hell is Not a Natural Force that is supposed to be out upon you. That plays havoc on your cells growth. Having Hell on a person’s life causes illnesses from stress. And hearing end of days and death to come stresses the Shit out of you, especially when you get older. If you’re Religious to Any Doctrine and any God, unknowingly, you’ve committed to Eternal Damnation. Exactly opposite of what you think. So, it changes your cells health, even if you do not realize it yourself. Take away the Biblical God of a Tyrant of Old and what does that leave you? It leaves GOD of CREATION Within You. And She has not a single thing in the World to do with Religion. She is Everything around you and everything within you, every single cell, she will be. She does not threaten you into Loving Her. She is where you will find the Path to Living Without Sickness. She Will Be Known. This is all new. Redirect your Brain and Hearts Power to Her and help push the illness of Fear out of Our World. Thank you for reading.

  63. Your mind can create disease but so can a vaccine or prescription drugs. Your mind can’t protect you from that. My brother is living proof. Vaccines can destroy your health and you can’t mentally fix that damage.

  64. Why do I hear a womans voice for a second and a picture of him. Is it a subliminal message ? If so thanks for the advice but no thanks.


  66. 1.4 volts per cell times 50 trillion cells equals 700 trillion volts ? Duh! 1) the math is wrong and 2) the 1.4 volts per cell are in parallel and so the body is still 1.4 volts.
    But he is correct in his understanding of mind programming and our ability to reprogram ourselves.

  67. A thumbs-down simply because it’s a 10 minute video with three commercial interruptions. Very annoying.

  68. Great video ! I like the music and images. There is some real truth and knowledge here. Good vibes ✨✨✨

  69. Nonsense and clueless as most on YOU TUBE…. It’s all micromanaged and manipulated, we are not only not alone here, but our minds/bodies are under full ultra dimensional control….if you don’t get it, you’re not paying attention, or not as smart as you think you are……all those using our reality to explain our condition/world have no clue what they’re talking about it.

  70. This is what Sadhguru is also trying to say. He was hoping for modern science to prove his speeches logically. Now here it is.

  71. I new that I fill that tank you now I know I can heal. My self. Dear doctor send Love Mariana

  72. Dr. Bruce. How can we handle situation when other will always try to destroy your feeling of love by threatening and creating a situation you are forced to retaliate even you intend not to retaliate?

  73. Love this though what I want to know is why some decide to bring others down, control etc what do they have to gain energetically from such?

  74. His last word conscisearch
    Hare Krishna
    Try to chant and be happy no meat no drugs
    This is how to help change us to be free thank u good night

  75. In my whole life I wished to be in heaven and stay young forever and now we get it😁

    1. @Voskre Glavincevska yeah,this is what I meant too,the Earth is our heaven!

  76. Carn’t here you properly because of the music x lovely music bug carnt concentrate knnuou x

  77. We don’t use we loose . We’ll bring it back with he help of you my Teacher and all the pioneer scientists in medicine 🙏🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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