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►Copyright disclaimer: We own commercial licenses for all the content used in my channel. ROBERT KIYOSAKI's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH) ►This video was uploaded with the permission of the owner. Special thanks to LONDON REAL for this amazing interview Subscribe to their channel! Website: Music Sources: A Cerulean State A Cerulean State YouTube: ------------------------------------------------

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  1. Take charge of your life, no other person or authority will give you the possibility to flourish.
    You have to do it on your own.

  2. It touches my heart that we spend our entire life going to school and searching for jobs. But we never knew the job we search is within us. Search for it within you, know your ability and create a job for yourself. Inspired by one of my videos. Pls I will also use this opportunity to support the motion No to Xenophobia, you can check my recent upload for details.

  3. It is commonly thought that a college diploma (and the skills necessary to achieve it) is the preparation needed to fulfill a parent’s objective to prepare their child for the outside world. Let’s review the data and see how successfully this formula has worked.





    29 ARE DEAD

    The scoreboard tells us that 95 out of 100 people at age 65 are either dead or dead broke. These statistics have been virtually the same for 50 years. These are government statistics! My view, as a parent of a twelve-year-old son, is that these statistics are not only an emergency but also a catalyst for us to EMERGE AND SEE why the odds are 19 to 1 against success. The good news is that with a minimum “tweak” of our educational system we can fix the problem. The first step is to identify where we have failed.

    If you wanted to be a good basketball player, Michael Jordan would be a good person to teach you. He knows how to do it. He has tried many things as a player. Some of them worked and some of them didn’t. He discarded what failed and perfected what was successful. He would be a good person to model as a basketball player. Looking at our data, common sense tells us that we should model the 5% that are successful. What is it that they are doing that the 95%ers are not doing? What are they not doing that 95%ers are doing? When you examine the results of our 5%ers you will find that the biggest difference that makes them 1 out of 20 is habits. If you were to eat two Big Macs every day for twenty years your body would look different from an individual that jogged 2 miles a day every day for twenty years. There are good habits and bad habits. When our hamburgler becomes overweight and unhealthy we are not surprised. Please note that the results don’t happen overnight. Failure is not an overnight experience. Success is not an overnight experience. If you eat two Big Macs or jog two miles for one day your body will not change. It is the continual habit of either “discipline” that will generate either a positive or negative long-term outcome.

    If you want to be successful in any human endeavor, the most expedient method is to model someone that has accomplished what it is that you want to accomplish. This is the reason that football uses coaches in addition to playbooks and film. Educational materials will help you make progress but what separates one team from another is the ability of the coach to keep his players on track and continually motivated to execute the game plan. The game plan called “life” isn’t any different. You especially need coaching because 95% of the people are executing incorrectly to achieve their desired end result. Additionally, and most destructively, they are convinced that what they “know” is correct and they discourage anyone that deviates from that path. They KNOW that the earth is flat and cannot be convinced otherwise. The data contradicts this “FACT”.

    Common sense dictates that you must seek out the 5% that have found the right path. What are the achievers doing differently? How does their thinking differ with the thinking of the 95%ers? Does their mind work any differently when it comes to tapping and using the powers of the subconscious mind? Where have you been taught to constructively use, neutralize, control or harmonize with your passions, emotions, instincts, tendencies, feelings, moods and habits of thought and action? Have you been taught how to aim high and achieve your goals regardless of the obstacles? THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT THE 5%ERS KNOW THAT THE 95%ERS DON’T KNOW. THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT THEY DON’T TEACH YOU IN SCHOOL!

    Knowledge is power. Another myth. We live in an era where knowledge doubles every 2.5 years. How powerful does the average American feel today? Knowledge is power only when it is put into action. Intention without action is delusion. The truth is that wisdom is power. If the unexamined life is not worth living, so the unlived life is worth examining. Let us Investigate-Incubate-Illuminate-Illustrate. At any given point in time these retirement statistics are either a little more true or a little less true, but they are always true! The point is that the average person NEVER reaches financial independence, and therefore has the wrong formula for success. We unwittingly pass this formula down from generation to generation. Even if you were born yesterday, these statistics point to the ineffectiveness of the success formulas of the teachers whom you will encounter in your lifetime.

    The good news is that now that you know the results, you do not have to become a victim. You can change your life and its outcome by changing what you KNOW. Unfortunately, most people go through life never questioning what they think they know. From the time we are born, our minds, which operate too much like a computer, are programmed to believe certain things. As we get older, we formulate our beliefs, actions and habits based on what we “know”. Just like a computer, our minds can only feedback the information that was originally fed into it. And if the initial input is wrong, the results (95% lose and 5% win), as you can see, are disastrous.

    When you examine the habits of successful people you might think that there are several different ways to reach the promised land we call success. When you speak to that successful 5%er, however, you find that they virtually have all used the same formula. Volumes have been written on this subject beginning with the Bible and continuing to the present day. The formula is ALWAYS the same. Why aren’t we teaching it in school?

    1) You must have a dream and become obsessed with it. Your dream must have no limitations. The first law of the universe is order. Anything that has ever been invented started with a dream. The components of progress have always been there. A computer could have been built in the year 1 if the knowledge necessary to build it had been put in its proper order.

    2) You must have a vision of your dream and spend time every day seeing yourself already accomplishing that dream as if you have already accomplished it.

    3) Your vision must be positive. For example, you must want to be wealthy instead wanting to get out of debt.

    4) You must make a “rough draft” game plan to begin. You don’t need to know every detail that will bring you to the culmination of your dream. The key is to get off the starting line. Just as you get into your car and stop at red lights, you must anticipate that your journey will not be green lights all the way to your destination. There will be pot holes and detours.

    5) You must learn to make failure your teacher and not your undertaker. Failure is feedback. Adjust your plan as necessary. You must be so focused on your long-term goal that short-term disappointments do not derail you.

    6) You must understand that there is a gestation period for achievement. A pregnancy takes nine months. Don’t ask to see the baby after five months. The challenge is that you don’t know how long it will take to achieve your goal, so you must be “patiently impatient” until the gestation period is complete.

    7) Your mindset must understand that there is no such thing as a problem. There are only “unsolved opportunities.” Your mindset must include keeping a positive attitude and an understanding that from every negative there also emerges a positive seed.

    8) You must seek to minimize your learning curve by pursuing the specialized knowledge you need through mentors if possible and by trial and error when necessary.

    9) You must have faith that a continued laser focus on your objective will generate ideas from unknown sources to help you accomplish your goal. When you have a laser focus you will find that the Universe will help you to put things in their proper order.

    10) You must have discipline with good habits. Successful people know that you first form habits and then habits form you.

    There are two major issues that we must overcome. First, most people live in a state of complacency. People stop dreaming and then they climb on board of the treadmill of mediocrity. They do not recognize that their current actions will not lead them where they want to be financially. We have already proven historically, by the numbers, that their plan is destined for failure. They believe the earth is flat. People that don’t know how to be successful have lost hope and passion. The second issue is that our education system does not teach people HOW to conceive, plan and achieve goals. There is no coaching. Virtually all people only associate with people that think and act the same way that they think and act. Their friends and associates are incapable of giving positive direction because they too, being 95%ers, are convinced that their “game plan” will work. This peer reinforcement is the plague that infects us with terminal poverty…Eli’s dad.

    1. Still you need your servants to feed and help you reach your goals, this is an illusion you just wrote, if I build bikes, I need someone to help me build it, I need someone to buy it… It’s a circle where every individual is important… Watch the system and learn, this is mediocrity to compare the 5% to the 95%… Yes there are holes in the system, but watch it carefully…

  4. How much can we achieve if we don’t take risks?
    How can we be happy if we allow others tell us what is right and what is wrong to do? If we allow others control our lives?

  5. To a heart or hearts
    that may read this,

    At this point in time I can urge you to save yourself but can’t actual save you because that part you have to do yourself. If you want a better life you must start taking responsibility for what emotions you feel, for what thoughts you choose to live by and take responsibility for your actions. If you choose to say “they make me feel” or “that makes me feel” then those are statements of a man or women who chooses to be not responsible for what emotions they feel. To no longer to feel sadness you must take responsibility of why you choose to be sad and take action to develop a change in your life that helps you then feel like its appropriate to choose to feel happy.

    As well to choose to have compassion for all beings and no longer eat animal flesh and eat a vegan diet or a raw vegan diet can help you then choose to be happy, and, as well, is an action nesscary for you to live a life that will help you choose to be happy. Otherwise your choice to eat animal flesh will have a bad effect on your body that you may not understand at this moment which will result in great suffering for you and also for the animals you choose not to care for.

    Further more to decide you have the right to harm or others have the right to harm for you so that you may consume animal flesh will result in self condemnation. Unfortunately, if you eat animal flesh, you have been indoctrinated into a society that teaches you that killing is ok to do to some animals and even may have been indoctrinated that its okay to kill some humans. I hope my words were read by you and taken seriously and are incorporated into your daily life & I hope you organize a beautiful life for yourself and others.

    A letter,
    From a heart,
    Named Lee 💜

    P.S Please don’t hate any one different than you. 🌈

  6. This is so true, exactly correct. It’s funny how people give Millennials a bad name yet was raised to suit those conditions.
    Things are changing however and now it’s our time.

  7. You do need to take bookkeeping or how to start a business course (adult course in college). That way you can learn how to budget, network, know about workers Comp …

  8. Just for the record, Robert is not saying education now bad or don’t do it. The message goes like this. Don’t get an education for money and think it will carry you to success. Do it so it increases your scope of practice, so you can be a master and eventually open your own business. If you don’t wanna do that fine but as Robert says, be mindful of who you are talking to “make money” just remember they are out to make money too.

    1. @Billionaires Mindset Thats good advice and applies to everyone who wants to make a difference in life.
      A salary limits someone but business can expand the scope of thoughts.
      Thank you.

    2. @Justina Musyoka exactly, a business has many opportunities than being employed, you get to manage your time well and less pressure is involved.. Your welcome dear.. Kindly I have a channel you can subscribe dear

    3. I’m glad you break it down but I really wish he would too. I’m a teacher & certainly not “fake”. In fact, I’ve lost jobs bc I keep it real. I teach my students the importance of critical thinking skills & tell them a trade can be just as lucrative if not more than college. We need to reform education it’s outdated. BUT so is capitalism so these swiping generalizations can go both ways. I’ve traveled, went to junior college, state school, & got my master’s abroad bc doing so afforded me to live my life to the fullest whilst getting an education. We need whole 🧠 thinkers not the polar opposite of what’s not working bc it’s now obvious that w/a 🤧 that our version of capitalism is faulty too. These systems (education/capitalism) are two sides of the same coin. Time to update the whole system. Read his book years ago & have invested in real estate, so I am a fan. But I take pause w/the generalizations, especially when I see reform happening just not on the scale necessary.

  9. This is the way we evolved as a society. Some step outside of the societal norms and carve out an extraordinary life, and some just settle for a life.

  10. my family never had money. always poor, can’t afford shit, always buying the cheapest stuff, the cheapest food on sale with nearing expiration dates. when i started working, we suddenly had the triple income. awesome. now we can finally live, i thought. guess what. my parents are still saying – we can’t afford this, still buying the cheapest shit, still buying food that rotts etc. it’s all mindset. or should i say mentality of the poor, poverty mentality.

    1. Ivan B set a Goal for your self to have a networth of $100.000 in 18 months, make a plan NO EXCUSES ANYMORE, GO read Roberts books and JUST DO IT🤔😉!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. No matter what we do we are getting older. So do what you want and you will pay for it because everything comes at the cost. I studied those who doesnt spend. I studied those who spend. I studied those who mulitply and save and multiply and save. I studied those who didnt. Overall everyone die. No one makes it out of here alive.

    1. I believe that my soul will go on and get more chances to do this right…we all have the power and our thoughts create our world…law of attraction…believe and invision the great

  12. That’s a great video.. Clear, concise, and gets a very important point across…. Big Kiyosaki fan and love these types of videos!!

    1. Mi Lifestyle it is not about how much money you make , it about how much you keep. They went to school but they employee and hate their jobs. They do pay high taxes rate over 50% per check is that happiness?

  13. Roberts advice is good but its so wrapped up in ambiguity that it closely resembles MLM where no one knows how one makes a fortune which millions of MLM reps are ranting and under the whole mountain of advice its the same old fashioned advice sales, yeah sales which generates a profit and repeated enough number of times, it makes you rich. Robert has spun a whole business around ambiguity, fake this fake that, fake dads etc. No offense though.
    He never gives you a flow sheet advice, or a to do list. He appears to disclose the secret sauce at the next page or the next sentence and it always stays like that. So the Kung Fu Panda advice – *there is no secret sauce*

    1. @bees knees as is wrote in another comment” Still you need your servants to feed and help you reach your goals, this is an illusion you just wrote, if I build bikes, I need someone to help me build it, I need someone to buy it… It’s a circle where every individual is important… Watch the system and learn, this is mediocrity to compare the 5% to the 95%… Yes there are holes in the system, but watch it carefully…”

      Who is gonna build your car? Who is gonna build your house? Who is gonna pilot your airplane? Who is gonna sell your products in the shop? Who is gonna transport it? Who is gonna drive you by taxi? Who is gonna make you delivery?

      Please stop comparing yourself to the majority, they are important too… Don’t be hypocrite…

    2. @NDRS G I’m not denying the people who do the actual work in building a car, or building a house, a plane, and so and so forth. I’m acknowledging that both sides, the company owners and the associate workers, need each other. Without one or the other, neither the company owners and the associates have a paying job. At the same time, I also recognize the level of job difficulty between the two. Even though both the company owners and the associates need each other to have a paying job, the job requirements and risk involved of company owners exceed well beyond the level of an associate. The company owners have to invest a boat load of their own money to provide all the necessary supplies so the associate can do their work, make sure there is a management structure in order, make sure the tax code is in compliance, leasing the place, and have to pay the downside if the business goes to hell. In comparison, all the associate has to do is just the job that they are told that is already set and laid out for them. And if the the business they are in goes to hell, the worker may loose their job, but the company owners loose all the money they spend to make the associates labor productive in the first place. Never forget that.

  14. millenials are the worst generation,  and this american chinese loves them… something is wrong in here! dislike

    1. @Ernell Jiasonn A. Saberon over the years I’ve been wondering where will his and Kim’s wealth go since they don’t have children. Must be to the extented family.

  15. You are not telling the truth to the people. You hide yourselves back of the speech that the others can’t understand you.

    1. Its pointless u hv to grasp the core of his message. This s nt abt hating ir loving , it’s abt who u get real life lessons from. Guidance @

  16. Stocks are fake assets, LMAO.
    Warren Buffett might disagree.
    And he has donated more money then you will ever make Robert

    1. Shashank Bhapkar Agreed. Take Roberts advice with the same scepticism as the people he attempts to discredit. Tread your own path.

    2. you dont understand man…read what kind of stocks that warren invest…than comeback here to delete your comment

  17. And I discovered fake motivation speakers as well, they left job because bad boss, ( because they are themselves bad employees). They start business but stopped because no customers ..then they just copy paste motivation words and become motivational speakers

    1. luckly 10 years ago i quitted my job coz of rich dad and poor dad book..and now im millionaire…😁

  18. I cringed when he said that a lot of people hate Trump.☹️ Let me clarify, the LEFT hates Trump! The RIGHT loves him!

  19. He doesn’t mind saying this and putting himself out there for hatred.
    I like this.
    Hustle, then speak about it if you want to.

  20. The fuck is this guy talking about? How many of his employees don’t have a degree? a CPA? A law degree? He islegit poisonous. There is nothing wrong with school, his experience is vastly different.. fucking Trust-fund baby. He makes me sick. FAKE Speeker!

  21. Hi 👋 Mr.Robert you’re great 👍 as well and one of the best on this planet but I will only write this about you as well because you humans just ignore and ignore over and over again but there is a great 👍 plan that has you and Mr.Pena with me stuck together so we are going to be number 3 😁 or maybe someone will shot me in the head so I can go home sooner than planned because my heart I cries in daily basis when I see so many humans miserable 😭 enjoy life and I hope everyone’s dreams ✌🏻🐕🙏🌌🌈🤙🤞

  22. Thank you for enligheten us!! From the start i found your videos. I cant stop watching non stop. A millions of thanks🙌👍

  23. Right now I’m 21 yrs old, living in an average kind of life, a 1st yr college student who’s taking minor subjects at the moment , right now my father is supporting me in my college for temporary only , and I’m struggling how to make a decision financially on what should I do to make a profit, steady life and of course a future insurance. Now I’m having a second thoughts about going to college,

    “is it a waist of time or something that i must pursue?”

    and spending an entire time studying for 4 years in order to graduate to find a job, but, I’ve been asking my self about

    ” If I get a job, is there a guarantee that I’m gonna be successful?

    At this moment, Every time im thinking about my education, specifically, this gay teacher of mine, his age is around 25 yrs old, so it’s clear that he’s a fresh graduate that currently teaching us history lessons, every time he taught us his lessons, I found him very dense or nervous around of us, yes he can teach, but not the way that he is confident about his subject and he lacks the presence to make us motivate, so we ended up half awake.
    Ive always seen him always rely on the book and rarely making his own opinion about his own idea.

    And now he gave us a report related on the book, every student have their own chapters,that later on made me think that
    ” wow…. is he a teacher or just lazy asshole? Am I really paying for this kind of education(shit) ? Cuz it feels like throwing money.
    (I’m very disappointed)

    To be honest this is my last chance in college, and if I fail right now then boooom….I think its over.

    The point is, the possibilies are there, but the way how things currently work right now, it’s very hard for me to adjust with this kind of environment which leads me into vague decisions.


    1. Don Quiñola, hey Don, my recommendation to you is that if you want freedom, going to school graduate and get a secure job is not going to be the solution; you’ll never be free as long as you work for someone else.. When you work for some one else you’re working on someone else dreams, not yours..

  24. 5000 videos on youtube. The same speach in every of them. I got my 1st condo with my credit card! Yeah rite 50 years ago. Please tell us how did u get your second condo & the 3rd one.
    Nothing suits for europe. Which bank in which country will give a loan for investment in a property? No one. Unless u have 35% down deposit. Which is 25.000€ ar least. Please tell where to get these deposit €€€€€?

    1. I know the answer I’ll tell if you cannot figure it out I’m sure you can if you don’t for a month I’ll pm you myself how to

    2. Ar Ad. He was always working on a very good salary. The 30% comes from salary. And even more, you will have to continue working next at least 20 years ( two jobs – permanent one & property job) to achieve certain level of wealth. He is 72, started in 70+80, calculate the time scale. 95 % of us don’t want to do that. Cheers

  25. Thanks change us generations fake teaches fake doctors, fake pharmaceuticals, world is fake, fake world leaders, I am 72 years grew up in a fake world but never followed the fake word but trying to change the people to take their health in their hands be your own doctor or die with pharmaceuticals no one want to listen. Therefore as a natural medicine doctor I remain poor help me to spread the word Mr K

  26. Someone said that his books present the same idea and the the same subjects are repeated in different ways. I think that this is actually the reason why what’s in there has a big propability to work and to be real because he’s stiking on something that he really believes it work maybe because he is already doing like that(he also claims that) and he just explains everything so many times that we can understand it better

    1. the peacemaker SALVADOR The world cant be filled with entrepreneurs, otherwise who would work for the ‘visionary’s’ out there?

    1. David.M Affiliate

      Hi David
      Robert has written two full-fledged amazing books on the Network Marketing Industry!

      1) The Business School
      2) The Business of the 21st Century

      I could share the Pdf’s and his relevant Video Lessons on the same.

      I have posted a relevant Blog on my site as well.

      Best Wishes,

  27. If you want to be an Entrepreneur, you don’t need to.
    My uncle didnt have any degree but he has a lot of land with rubber trees and coconut. He has a dozen of children to. Hehehe.
    Everytime the town who’s who will gather for a meeting, political ones, the MC has a problem on how to introduce him, because he has no educational degree. Finally they introduce him as Mr. Business man. He is rich in money and property and a visionary. He once told us that someday the movie screen will be on our hands and be carried around and so it is now. Well Rest in Peace Uncle. You are truly an entrepreneur.

  28. Totally agree with Kiyosaki school is a bunch of BS most of the time. Could never understand why the hell I would learn stuff in college that I would never ever use in my life. It was such a freaking waste of time just a freaking game. The school system is screwed up!

  29. Your problem is that you think your phd that got his phd to get rich .most ground breaking geniuses who shifted mankind to a progress died in poverty!

  30. Too smart make us selfish..complainning other people.. Because he is feeling the right one in the universe.. Another person was wrong..

  31. So let’s say we all successful businessmen around the world, we only got to school to learn financial system: how will we be treated with no doctors,how to build a house,how to fly a plane,how to make medicine, cure diseases. Schools are most important because most important professionals that keep this world forward depend on it.
    So Robert respect your poor dad being a doctor, don’t forget at some point you were sick and took Carr of you

    1. you shouldnt watch this video… a person who should watch this video are the person who want to HIRE all the professionals “that keep this world forward”😂…because without someone can give all those professional’s a PAYCHECK they will not work…

  32. True but school is also important… we need doctors,engineer or teachers,etc. We have different passion cuz not all people will become entrepreneur. If all people will become business man or women who will buy to your business? Am I right?

    1. lot of teachers, doctors,etc were only do the job because of the paycheck…thats all…thats why they are fake…

  33. Robert Kyosaki trieds to create a Fake Crash. If everyone lose Trust in those Stuff everyone will start buying gold. So the Crash Comes and He will sell his gold and buy from Stock Market. After that the gold price drops again, while everyone thinks it will increase, so He buys Back gold again and this continues. He make Money selling books over and over. Make Money. Thats why you Guys are poor. And He is still rich. He tells Stuff wich already everyone know and still making Money on you Guys. It’s so easy to make Money on you. Thats it.
    (I am already rich, but not with gold)

  34. In the USA, the majority of our teachers are white collar dropouts. They failed in what they wanted to do but they have a bachelors degree & no idea how to succeed.

    1. if you want to be a lawyer you shouldnt watch this video…this video r only for the people who want to hire a lawyers…

  35. In my opinion this video doesn’t make any sense. First of all PHD doesn’t stand for Poor Helpless Desperate, that’s the way you see it. The UCSB professor studied and prepared himself to teach others; just because he didn’t start a business doesn’t mean he didn’t know how. There’s plenty of business owners that are not prepared or simply don’t know how to teach others, in fact this UCSB professor does because that’s what he studies for. Don’t come up saying your thoughts. Bring facts.

    1. this video is not for you…this video are for the people who hired those professor and owned the university..😂

  36. Its open my mind what really world going on, the system, culture and churches want us to be poor. They keep asking for money because they lazy to think and work.

  37. Hello Robert, I’m an African student and you can just imagine that almost no one in my society has thought about thinking the way you do.
    There’s really no one to talk to can you reccomend anyone I can talk to you?

    1. Hi Katherine,
      We are living in a time where it is so important to follow heart-centered visionaries who only wish to empower us. I can offer a few resources that you can check out on YouTube.
      Hay House has many inspirational leaders. A few are Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton In the field of personal empowerment I also love Mooji and Sadhguru. Once you explore personal empowerment you will be led to more and more great inspirational leaders. Always use your own discernment to decide what resonates with you. Just remember to love, honor and respect yourself and your life and do not allow anyone to be an authority or expert on your life. How can they be, it is your life. Love & blessings to you throughout your life. Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay wise Katherine . Life is your classroom❣

  38. “You don’t need a slip of paper from some degree mill to tell you that you are educated”.–Joseph
    “Those who can’t, teach. Those who can, don’t teach”

  39. All these supposed helpful inspirational videos do nothing to help. You tell the problem but never give a real solution. Get the foh!

  40. Trust me, money is important, but shouldn’t be your only goal. It will not bring you happiness. He doesn’t however explain that debt is what creates the fake money in the system. He started off well though and touched on what a waste of money a degree is nowadays and also what is wrong with the financial system in the US. He was spot on with Wall Street raiding pension funds, and right on about the stock market. QE (printing money) is however beneficial to those who have assets….but like with any ponzi scheme, there has to be a loser for every winner in assets, debt and stockmarket….not everyone can win, that is the fact of a ponzi scheme.

    1. @Ta Hu we are talking about the money here…i think that money can help other people…then u teach me about what is money…and then u suggest me to steal from the rich and give it to the poor…and i dont agree with that…and suddenly you give a new knowledge about the world…i do believe on what u say “change what we can change” but i believe also we can do more that we can think we could…i hope u using your “plenty of knowledge” to give benefit to the others and dont just it…like robert kiyosaki said in the video…he love when he at the military school, when the pilot who teach him how to fly a jet were really do it…dont be a fake teacher who just teach and didnt really apply what he teach…so my friend i believe that u r knowledgeable…use it for a better purpose…and half of me agree with your theory that money doesnt really important but we got to be realistic here…that money also one of the tools that can give benefit to people…and did you know bill gates and mark zukerberg invest millions of dollar to find us all covid-19 vaccine? once again we are not talking about humanity or philantropist here im only using them to proof that money can give benefit…

    2. @Kahal Musakkal Abdullah you should investigate more detail about what bill gates and Zuckerberg are actually doing. They create foundation for avoiding tax. Vaccines to make profit and not heal people. Covid 19 is a virus like any flu virus, it will mututate and die out. Most vaccines given to US soldiers had severe side effects. The cure to the virus is prevention using natural remedies. Bill Gates foundation was to avoid tax not benefit humanity. If you want to acquire fiat money, you need to start local, do what you can, dream if you want with an aim. The Fiat money is a ponzi scheme, which is stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. This is what the video is teaching in Rich Dad Poor Dad. You don’t understand. Understanding is the beginning of wisdom. Understanding what you can do and doing it, is the beginning. Building on it, is next. There are no get quick rich schemes unless you steal from someone. That is the system. Does that knowledge help in the short term if you are poor? no. But it helps in understanding. Most motivation videoes are just that, to help change your attitude, not give you answers. That is what you do not understand. The next level is to understand what actually fiat money is, what credit/debt is. Now if you are poor, and lack understanding, you don’t care, because your basic needs are not being met. And that is how the system and rich want it. Because you just focus on money. I am sorry if your financial position is just that you cannot meet your needs. But most here are not starting from that position as a point of discussion. It is how the masses are suffering because of the manipulation of printing money, the control of commodity prices, and use of debt to enslave people.

    3. @Ta Huby what u said, a money that gov produce doesnt had value…which we are all helpless…the rich is devil because using us for their benefit…and starting by knowing this kind knowledge were the first step to become rich? so my friend.. i bet u r rich person right now…good for u…but let me ask u about the china paper u said cant buy a things in zimbabwe…so if i go to the groceries store in china, i take 1 can of coca cola…by explain this to the cashier, will he let me drink the coke for free??

    4. @Ta Hu and what i believe is.. rich people became rich because they working hard to solve others problem..let me give you an example…a billionaire like henry ford, he help us to own affordable cars..imagine the world without him??only rich people will afford to own a cars…and we will still using a horses..not only that..henry also helping thousands of poor people to have a job, untill today… same goes to other billionaire like ray kroc of mcdonalds, bezos of amazon, and larry page who own this youtube..they created very mass industries that impacted all the people…we cant say that henry became rich by using us for his benefit to buy his cars, because we are the one who need cars…billions of dollars are just reward for henry hard work…so for me, instead of wasting time to investigate, complaining, about rich and the dark agenda behind them, we better focus on the idea that can solve people problem…being rich is bonus, what important is the positive impact that we can bring to this world…and if its really about the wrong financial system that we had right now, i think we shouldnt focus on that anymore, because we cant never change it…and i believe there are no shortcut such as get quick rich scheme…it is all begins with ideas and then start small..and the failure and failure and failure…and we should thank people like robert, because we need them as a guidance to get trough all the obstacle along the way…yeah i agree they are not showing the way, they are only change our attitude and guess what..that is all we need…the good attitude…u cant expect them to tell u how to overcome your problem from A to Z…but by fixing the attitude we will find our own way…and i really dont agree that rich dad poor dad teach us stealing from the poor and give it to rich…i already read the book 5 times and what i understand is robert try to tell us that financial education is very important..and the financial education that robert teach us is not only about numbers, it is about mindset, the way we look life in different prespective…he encouraged all of us to be bold…

    5. @Kahal Musakkal Abdullah then you truly don’t understand what the financial system and what ‘money’ actually is nowadays based on ursry. Or hedge funds, or speculation, or what war is about, or about exploitation. Rich dad poor dad is about working the system and learning the difference between credit and money earned by doing productive work. He does not advocate stealing per sec, but the financial system is just about that. Elon musk, Amazon etc did not achieve market dominance and monopoly by an idea, but by access to credit and the idea and effort. But real estate is effectively robbing from poor to give to rich. The real productive work is done people who pay rent and cannot afford access to credit. Then that is the companies who employ them (small or large). But the system relies on the majority being ignorant of the financial system. That is how it works. So I disagree with most of what you say. Understanding the basis of money, what it is, what it does, is the most critical thing for people. Understanding how the financial systems operate is critical because it allows you to avoid being manipulated. Understanding money is the purpose of deciding what you should do with your life, and understanding it has no real intrinsic value, money should not be your goal. Rich dad makes money off the backs of others, like corporations, banks, and elite. In real estate, you cannot do anything without poor ignorant people who lack education or money. Real estate is designed and controlled by access to credit, to ensure it is not cheap for the masses. If everyone left urban areas, asset values would collapse, if everyone lived off the land with no material possessions, real estate would collapse. But the introduction of hedge funds, market manipulation and bail outs (of commercial properties and stock markers) mean only those who have access to credit in vast sums are bailed out. It is another level not talked about in rich dad poor dad. And the most fundamental question is, do anything of these people who have millions or billions give to poor as you describe? Do they introduce programmes for self sufficiency in food, water, accommodation, land, education etc as cooperative communities living in balance… No. They are business men, they do it for profit, not charity. Ghandi is an example of a chartiable man. Mother Theresa. Nelson Mandela etc they gave freedom and help without any money. Ford was pre gold standard, but was an industrialist, not about charity or helping. The intent of the person is critical, what they do, not say, the next. And remember without people, asset has no value. The rich need the poor, more than the poor need the rich. What the poor lack is education, vision and understanding. That is true empowerment. Then the will to cooperate for the benefit of society. It all starts with understanding of what money is. All rich dad poor dad talks about is money (of sorts) and assets. But he did not create anything, just understood credit, got access to it and took opportunities in undeveloped markets, used people and abit of luck. That has always been the case in history. Now he allegedes he has been bailed out by government by $100 million…. That was innovation or production of something useful? He does talk about education, and I agree with him on that, but it far greater than what he touches upon.

  41. Lol people actually follow this ass crack. He said some valid points but alot of it was bullshit. Only 30% of the worlds billionaires dont have a college degree. Guess what? Most of them are educated. You should do the same go get educated. Just dont do a useless degree and then say I cant find a job. It’s your job to plan and pick a major worth it

  42. Tbh I wanted my teachers to teach me how to heal myself from depression because I had depression quite earlier in my life. I wanted to learn about mental health more than mathematics and shit first. Thought if I did that first I could focus more on school work.BUT I WAS TEACHED by nearly all adults that those so called basic general knowledge is more important than my own health. School is toxic. Many people are so fake in all ways. When I turned over 20 I finally started focusing on my health and depression.Ever since then I’ve never neglected my health and I am continuing on the practice.I realised a huge difference after years of trully living myself. I’m now able to understand most things without being distracted emotionally because I’ve worked hard understanding my core issues. I knew that I had to get this over and done with first in order to be able to focus on other things including othrr people.If I can’t know about myself, I can’t know about other people.Therefore I can’t focus on or understand what they’re talking about. In order to understand them I needed to learn about myself first, and so I did. And it was the biggest change in my life.I’ve changed mentally, and now currently getting prepared to change my physical surroundings. Another hard thing to achieve since,no doubt,I mostly grew surrounded by poor people. I want to get away from these toxic people who do not know how to live healthily and financially responsible.

  43. So many people with worthless degrees today and no idea how to make or handle money. Banks are Crooks, plain and simple.!

  44. He doesn’t give you tips to make money, if you quit your job he is not telling you how to make good money as an entrepenuer.

    1. You don’t need to meet him,every situation is different,just get working with focus and street smart.

  45. Fake its all fake how can people charge others for homes and food crooks) we live in the garden of Eden our mother earth gives us everything we need and nothing more…Take care of our mother….

  46. What is the best product or brand to understanding the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success? I read loads of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Mofedest Miracle will help you knowing the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success. Has any one tried using this popular law of attraction system that created by famous life coach?

  47. Says same things in every video doesn’t really teach anything but try to promote his books full of crap

  48. Happiness, content and loving friends are the biggest assets, Common sense will go a long way, you can’t print this unlike money

  49. Going to school helps me avoid scammers like Robert. He convinces you to buy his book and hence he generates wealth.

    1. Robert doesn’t say ” education is invalid “,what he says is ,instead of relying on education and employment alone to make you rich,you need to think outside the box and creat own goals.
      I’ve been into both employment and business and my life is a testimony.
      There are properties you can never dream of owning as long as you draw a salary.

    2. 10 years ago i read rich dad and poor dad…i quitted my job as a teacher and started my own business idea…today i’m able to donate and help lot of poor people in my hometown…so i think you shouldnt avoid scammers like robert sir…because someday you might become a millionaire like me or maybe you will be helped by people who read robert’s books…

  50. He is a con artist and of course you don’t need school for it. He was born with a gold bar in his ass and tells us over and over how he has too much money. Wake up before buying his book so he can keep screwing your brain.

  51. I was once in a library and I pick up his book.I started reading it and wow I was amazed with all I learn from him.He is a smart man and the government a bunch of ediots.lying to people.

  52. If we all stood going to school and go into making money. Where will we get the doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, chefs, lawyers, pilots etc we have to be very careful with this mentality of no school. We need to find a balance. School is very very important.

    1. True my sister but the balance is while getting education,we also learn other skills not taught in mainstream schools because nobody seems to be qualified to teach but if implemented,people succeed creating wealth.
      Not everybody is gifted in learning or even comfortable in employment, so business absorbs all those other talents and they achieve their goals.

  53. If we all stopped going to school and go into making money. Where will we get the doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, chefs, lawyers, pilots etc we have to be very careful with this mentality of no school. We need to find a balance. School is very very important.

    1. Cynthia Inyang only class from school I benefited from is business class in middle school and high school every other subject was a waste of time

    2. You clearly didn’t understand the depth of the message. Therefore you’re not ready to receive it.

  54. I agree with him at at least 99% of what he says.
    But I don’t think long term investing is stupid.
    There is a reason if people like Warren buffet are 9000 times richer than him.
    But anyways I learn a lot from him.

    1. Agreed. Robert talks a lot of sense, I love listening to him, but don’t take all of what he says as gospel. Investing in the stock market over the long term is a proven system over a huge period of time. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a viable and sensible strategy.

    2. @Xho ツ no, saving in not fiat form, in physical asset forms or sth whose value faded slower than printing money speed

    3. i think alot of the big players are lying to people like the game will go on forever. didnt buffet just dump all his stocks?

  55. The only thing K-12 schooling teaches us is how to be an employee. Show up at a certain time at your desk (work station), go to lunch at a certain time, go back home at a certain time, take a vacation every year. We learned how to be an employee. Thank you Robert for opening my eyes to reality.

  56. I really respect Robert Kiyosaki and his teachings, but I think you too agree that PhDs, in other words, scientists are also really important for having a powerful society.

  57. Maybe the poor people with phd’s are not lazy, they did get a PhD. They are misinformed, and not educated on money. Childhood programming to think poor does not make you lazy, it just means you were programmed different. Being emotionally equipped to reprogram the mind takes courage, and to lose fear of failure. Laziness is unwillingness to learn. I have always been willing to learn how to make money. Many have taken advantage of my enthusiasm over the years. Now i am weary to trust those who promise to teach me the game of good business. Lazy I am not.

  58. School only for to learn how to read and write, but financial is not in school but in the society

  59. I will always recommend everyone to DoneSpy on telegram he as been a honest credit Doctor 🥼 for 5 years .. keep in touch with him say no to bad credit score 450 ❌.

  60. What’s worse is accredited University professors write books on how corporations should run the business, all based on theory.. And the corporate leaders read these books and run, I mean ruin their businesses following the recommendations.. From a teacher that has never run a successful business..

  61. That’s very cool kyosaki it’s very true people hate Trump for not knowing all this. You a my rich father Robert.

  62. There is some good advice in this conversation he has mentioned although there are many questions that are unanswered it seems that these people that are entrepreneurs selling advice as like a priest at a church in a choir not telling the truth the truth of the matter is that many of these wealthier people have invested in some sort of money making scheme such as oil or some other sort of investment that has capitalize overtime and they made their money on that and that is not what they are telling you

  63. Gotta have a discipline and consistent mind towards your goals to actually vision what he’s talking about , you can lead a horse to a river but can’t make him drink the water , its the energy of dedication and ambition that you have to embed in your mind strongly.

  64. Honestly people who went to school, they actually did the riskiest thing. opinion(you don’t have to care about this comment, if it bugs you forgive yourself and move on. mistakes happen suffering is a choice, happiness is a choice.)

    1. robsta — Yes, the medical establishment, and the pharmaceutical industry for that matter, makes money off of people being sick! They’re making a killing — literally! This concept of depending on a doctor, and depending on medication, to stay healthy is a victimized mindset. It prevents people from taking full responsibility for their health, and learning about their health, never realizing the full potential of mind and body. Medical science is the science of medicine, and how to prescribe it.

      Studying the human body and how everything works, and how diet and lifestyle can affect it, is good stuff to know. But in medical science, that’s not what it’s about. In med school, they memorize the answers, they are preparing for a job, they’re not really trained to teach you about diet and nutrition. If there was more focus on diet and nutrition, a lot of health problems would be taken care of. But that would be too simple and too cheap.

      All this thanks to John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in American history, who sadly didnt see any ethical responsibilities in his endeavor to capitalize on allopathic medicine and synthetic based nutrients. He just didnt have the heart intelligence to realize he was messing with people’s health.

  65. A friend of mine got Ph.D and he homeschools his 3 kids teaching them to be entrepreneur and life skills. Now his oldest, 8 year old kid started to produce things from his own invention and sell online.

    1. Money wise, i would say above average. But his happiness and what he can contribute to the community is to the roof. He founds quite a number of social enterpirse.

    2. @Time & Future can you help me choose who I can be? I don’t have a dream and it’s difficult choice to make 🤧

    3. @CJ Media Lol you’re setting yourself up for failure. But if you want go ahead buddy

  66. I learned to be watching motivational videos when early in the morning.Before I start my day I energize my energy to have a positive mindset and it help🥰🥰🥰thank you

  67. Is he right about “keeping money in stocks for 40 years and nothing is left at the end of it?” Does he mean the Buffets and the Mungers and the Grahams and the Howard Marks are morons for recommending this?

    1. they invest on the companies that they can control…like warren…had you ever read his books?…he said that he will never invest on the companies stock that he cant control or he didnt own…read his books man

  68. Wow! The male planet of richdom. Not one woman in sight in powerful position. Note taken.

  69. I have said this so so so many times…and people look at me like I am an idiot. Same as a therapist. Yes. They can listen..but studying will not teach you how to to express feelings that are beyond words…It can’t give you energy….When you have a person who has 20 years of experience in business..with no degree..and another who has a master’s in business with no real life experience..who do you choose? On paper everyone has their own reasons as to why they choose one or the other..I personally chose the one without a degree. Being out in the real world..having the experience of dealing with other people in is a takes takes alot of skill that doesn’t come from books. I’m not saying that those who have a college degree are not capable. I just believe that the world tends to be very biased..these are aspects they do not always think about

  70. I couldn’t find anybody by the name of Doug that teaches entrepreneurship at UC Santa Barbara…

  71. And what exactly did he say? What did he teaches better? He just offends the poor people, but does not say anything new or shows how to

  72. This is exactly what I learned in school, and it taught me almost nothing about the real world.

  73. I m really impressed. But even Robert talks about the rich/poor dad concept. But remember you don’t need to worry that after listening his words most of the people will hate schools. I m sure that his words will only appeal to those 10% of people, who are made for this reason. 🌸🌸

  74. This is so Sad and at the same time so true, in summary education is only a businnes to entretein people…

  75. It’s really about the person’s mindset. Our minds, thoughts, and words are powerful as we strive to achieve something. It is a Law of attraction.

    It is the reason why I started Onlinebiz. 😊 You can message me if you want to have your business too.

    Thank you for this video. It is Indeed helpful for us entrepreneurs.

  76. I didn’t find this inspiring at all it was just negativity on top of negativity. We do spend a lot of money for fake industry education system to house kids to do nothing. But that could be changed and we could change the system by saying people should be supported and what they’re actually good with numbers or art turn into art degrees for commercial industry or numbers people should be supported in numbers backed Industries Financial engineering physics. Nobody actually needs anything to be bought if they just do it themselves.. so this was a sales pitch it was a terrible one. And I’m very sorry that his father didn’t use a better creative answer than the one his father had told him blaming his choice to choose childbirth is the reason he didn’t have more money ? dad had enough money to take care of his kids and he was rich to have children. Anything else is just a story we like to tell. Create your own story and live it but do try to make it inspiring

    1. Victoria Nilsen love your last line. Think were all sheep looking for a way out, an easy convinient way out (of povery or current situation) but we never really get anywhere as were too busy listening and feeling the hype of these videos/messages.

      If you look at how many times its vewed/commented- one has to ask- who really changed their actions? Who shut this off and ACTED. Well youd be lucky to find more than a handfull.

  77. I think earning diploma becomes security blanket to a person. We think that having that secures us and we too proud to take small steps cos we think that’s for people who dint finish school..

    1. He said at the end if you want to do medical school or practice law you need school but not as an entrepreneur.

  78. the elite dont want the phd to make it amd learn how to make money if making money was that easy ther wudnt b poor or homeless ppl in the world

  79. Read his book “Business of the 21st Century” then see if he still inspires you haha.

  80. Put 25% of your money in a mega cap etf and leave it for 40years. You will have made multiples on it. Meanwhile spend your 75% of cash on living expenses and building your biz. you can raise money from others that believe in you. But first believe in yourself…

  81. Okay, so what is the meaning of don’t spend money cuz govt is printing money? Like govt is gonna come our home and supply us with money? Heck. Tell ppl what tf to do. All kids with rich dads will be able do entreprenureship cuz they have the capital. Maybe he is asking to buy his book. Oh I see being a “true” teacher?

    1. are mark zuckerberg the founder of facebook father’s rich??or steve jobs father’s millionaire?? i dont think so…where they get the capital then??

  82. You know, I really hope I don’t become a rude capitalist. I’ve learned a LOT about money via Robert but I’ve also learned a whole lot from teachers and I don’t hear them standing on soapboxes calling people names. This is becoming my only issue with this guy. It’s getting a little old, honestly.

  83. It is a fallacy change of mindset doesn’t do anything , if u re poor u re poor it’s ur destiny no matter how hard u try , u rich dad never said that coz he had money

  84. Great words! It sounds perfect!you know ,every time I say I dont have money I can’t afford it ,but after watching this video, I will stop say it

  85. It’s Jeffrey. You need to work for yourself. Live your life to the fullest! We have a great way to bring in MSIs (multiple streams of income) Contact me is you are interested in building MSIs anytime from anywhere

    1. Yes! MSI is life changing stuff and it’s amazing how liberating it makes you! Talk with Jeffrey!

    2. @Joe Faherty , Great to see you here! Clint inspired me to fire up the LinkedIn prospecting tools

  86. I think school is not totally sucks.
    At least you have problem solving skill when facing university level questions.

    However school is not teaching how to get into society.

  87. The reason why Robert is worth $80 million and Warren is worth $80 billion is because Robert believes stocks are fake assets

  88. When I have dad like him maybe i am a billionaire at the age of 30. I waste my time being a government SLAVEd i didn’t see outside opportunity to become rich.

  89. I understand its motivational for many, but its BS for me. Such simple thoughts that every kid know about. Yeahh just saying “yeahh let money work for you, yeahh take money and invest, sell higher”, and providing examples of successful stories that rely on risks etc. Bla bla rate of 99%.

    Come on guys how stupid are you.

  90. This guy married into money and Trump had the Russians to always bail his butt out. Both Corrupt

  91. In my opinion most people are not educated and open to this kind of viewpoint, because if they were then everybody would’ve done what it says in this video

  92. Yess.. He is true.. Even after having a MBA, I still don’t know a bit about business.. I guess the chaiwala knows better than most of the Masters Holders.. . Lol

  93. This Navy Veteran thanks you for your service. Rich Dad Poor Dad. Yes Sir, tell it like it is.

    1. Because the government doesnt want teachers to know everything, government doesnt want us knowing about money they want to keep people poor. I know u wondered why teachers are teaching these useless things, its because they want to trap u and keep u poor. Be an entrepreneur learn about about, but dont think like an employee.

  94. Yes! You gotta be careful about what your are learning. I agree!. However, not all professor are fake. Some of my professors teach what they do. Some professors with PhD made some of the amazing discoveries in technology we are using today. In addition, I also thanks all those awesome doctors who took the time to do phd to save our lives and thanks to my real proffessors as well.Thank you.

  95. No such thing as the law of attraction. We make our plans, God Almighty has the final say. Period. 🇦🇺

  96. I have learned more and more from Robert and a couple others like him than I have in school, college and owning and operating my own small businesses that kept me trapped st work 18 to 20 hours a days seven days a week for 32 years!
    I pray many people especially the younger generations listen to these people and put these facts to everyday practice in life.

  97. That was insulting…Define “fake teacher” bcos I know those teachers at school had to go through years of college to get jobs too and be public contributing citizens and servants.. SMDH.

  98. No it does not , moral should I learned from history of Greek pagan worship practices such baal baby sacrifice in Babylon etc in New York , russia it’s called abortion. Igeneral knowledge I study in school but it’s up to you if you like to dig deeper study harder question

  99. Robert, you are blessed to have rich dad and poor dad. Many only have poor dad, highly educated but can’t even afford to send their kids to university and live the life that they want

  100. Education is terrible,did you hear school makes you poor,you are big dummies,you believe in Science, vaccinations and high Education,A Fraud,you follow and can’t wipe your own asses.

  101. Why I’m doing medical school. One of the few useful fields. Medical experts teaching Medicine, DUH! lol

  102. Unlimited abundance of wealth and health is available to everyone. If you believe in it,you will never actually “NEED” money, because if you open your mind and believe in what you doing is successful, you will always “find” money when you need it. Believe in it and understand that we are all entitled to have unlimited abundance of wealth and health, live in the moment and you find happiness. Be brave,use your mind and heart. Don’t let people brainwash you. Do your own homework, educate yourself, but stay independent minded, don’t follow other people beliefs or path. Creativity and heart is everything to be able to create your own happiness. What he said here in this video is partially true, but he also selling you his theory, his courses and brainwashing you to think his way. Everyone must find the path of life, to be here and now. Fear not! Trump and this guy wants you to be fearful and follow their way of greed. Do what your heart and mind feels right. Love and Light

  103. I like some of the things Robert says but I was broke working in a machine shop until I went to college. Now I’m making six figures and about to retire next year. I have no debt and two rental homes. The main thing to do is live below your means and invest in assets.

    1. As accomplished as you are, it doesn’t work for everyone. The school system perpetuates are certain type of lifestyle instead of encouraging generations to believe in their dreams and create it. Everyone has an imagination yet as time goes on their imagination diminishes. Then 30-40 years later people become regretful due to a lack in going after their dreams.

    2. He’s talking about financial freedom and even tho you have more money. You’re still a 9-5 slave. Bc you’re working for fake Money. Keep learning. Growing and investing..we all have to start somewhere

  104. Exactly the reason I dropped out of my combined ba/ma in education at the university of Florida. All my teachers who were teaching me had never even taugh in a classroom. They knew nothing about how to handle a room full of kids and on top of that they want me to teach according to these sunshine state standards that I knew was useless information for these kids and I knew I couldn’t do it. I dropped out and found my way into psychology and Jungian psychology now I have my own coaching business.

  105. I don’t think sales are as important as you’re saying though. Definitely good information to study and be aware of. But the root of it all is self image and manifestation.

  106. Robert kiozakys is right.thats why our children dont learn the right way.democrats dont want our kids to be smart to keep them in the dark..

  107. I’m a real teacher! I have children, family, an entire planet full of people who want more! I teach LOVE💜

  108. If school makes you rich why are teachers making no money. I always knew school was a waste of time

  109. This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about “attaining financial freedom pdf” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Ferapt Freedom Fanboy – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  110. Finally someone who gives good advice and knows what he’s actually talking about.
    I knew school was a trap, a trap to lure u in and make u become poor or standard. Teachers teach u useless things instead of teaching you about money, because they want u to stay POOR.
    Think like an entrepreneur, become an entrepreneur, believe in yourself, always think positively and u will become successful.

  111. You have to heal the heart not the mind. You’re talking just from the 3D view point which has to do a lot with ego and matrix. Those lazy people which you are judging also has contracts and wound to heal, is not all about material and money. Then Jesus was a loser, Mahatma Gandhi was looser, Nelson Mandela was a looser. Not everyone come into this world to be materialistic rich, those poor and lazy mind set people came to teach unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness beside to trigger the greedy ones who control this world and don’t give opportunity to everyone. Is a good theory to keep duality, separation and control. Not because you have a business or some money make you better soul than the others. Actually those who are lazy and slow down from this crazy society are the ones who are holding light in the ascension process. Do not judge them, they all have a function in this universe. Blessings to all. Read about spiritual awakening and the ascension process, judging won’t help your soul. Have a great one fantastic material live, develop your heart.

    1. People like Mahatma Gandhi never considered themselves to be poor. Money making wasn’t their goal in life.
      Robert is not talking about them.
      Here Robert is referring to those set of poor people who covet a rich way of life but never does any intelligent action to correct it. These people go on blaming society around them.

  112. But Robert you don’t know ? All the education Books will Be re-readwritten our entire history is a farce… Russia Has kept up with all the world history…. Look it up ! CRIMINOLOGIA ‘ Karen Hudes worlds lawyer in charge of humanities Gold … Yep we’re super filthy wealthy …humanity that is … No Texas Tea , pure solid GOLD tons upon tons of metric tons of it….

  113. Bank remmuneration IS Just a way to break inflation. It’s Just to loose money slower. Theygot big interest on money The don’t have. Puta thin Air. This should have been limited from Last century. Now they’re buying It ALL, amost for free.

  114. If everyone follows him, this will be a love-less world. No … I’d rather be poor. He is the REAL fake teacher in my opinion.

  115. I’m on the verge of getting convinced until “why would you save money when gov’t’s printing money?”.
    Are u pro-inflation, eh?
    Just an econ major who ponders.

    1. Saving during low interest rates times and the possibility of higher inflation is stupid, your real returns get eaten up by inflation while bank rate returns go lower and lower.

  116. It’s really true! The poor people want to have all for free, they pretend not to have chance or money for reaching their goals, but it’s only their laziness which stops them to be successful!

  117. Good video.Rovert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.
    Good video Robert.

  118. Human beings are the only animals that lock up real estate against each other. Ultimately, a real estate investor will have to exploit people. The same way Wall Street does. Behind every great fortune lies a great crime. – Honore’ Balzac

  119. Thai would’ve been a great video just NOT the part about Pres.Trump, that was totally unprofessional and brazen. Subject matter has nothing to do with liking a POTUS or not. Stick to the subject, Bobby! You co-wrote Two books with DJT and he is by far the best POTUS we’ve had in 60 years. AND he believes in God. 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸

  120. This is of course nonsens. The people who can do things they are very often bad teachers. Good teaching is an ability on its own. The same way I don’t expect from a politician to be an expert in the field he is responsible for – the politician needs to make decisions, needs to know the law, needs to network — she/he simply doesn’t need the nitty gritty details of the person who does the day2day work. Teachers give you an initial understanding, if they are good they show you how to go beyond the knowledge they teach you – how you can extend your knowledge, how you can find the courage to act, how you can understand yourself better. Everything else is up to us individually. We have all the information at hand, we have all the motivational means available. Nothing blocks us. A person who complains, like in this video, is pushing the responsibility for failure away from the individual to other abstract entities (government, banks, schooling system) – a very sad move. Get your act together guys.

  121. I’d suggest reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Although the book is about 95 years old, the principles he outlines still applies today. And the similarities between events around the great depression and today are uncanny. This book was recommended to me more than 30 years ago. I never bothered to read it till now. I regret that decision.

  122. @By Law of Attraction

    🌹…I’ve learned that “application” is KEY. For example, in Mathematics- we learn, or are taught- Addition Subtraction Mutiplication Division. If you learn Algebra, where variables {X Ys & Zs} are used, you must KNOW how to ‘Apply’ the Rules of Mathematics.
    >If asked to *Solve the following problem:
    3X = 12 [Solve for ‘X’]
    Most of us KNOW by memorization or ‘application’ what the value of ‘X’ is. But several people freeze up when an unknown ‘variable’, in this case, ‘X’ is used.

    Equation: ‘APPLY’ the Rules of Mathematics:
    > 3X = 12;
    > X = 12/3 or [12÷3]; thus
    > X = 4…

    Hence, when we are presented with an ‘unknown’ (variable, idea 💡, concept, etc.,), most of us are not capable of ‘Applying’ that which is needed to ‘Solve’ the *unknown. 💡

  123. Success. 1. Experience makes you smarter A fourth-generation Japanese American, Kiyosaki was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii. 2. The more you give, the more you receive After graduating from Hilo High School in 1965, Kiyosaki attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York. 3. Change the way you think After graduating from college in New York, Kiyosaki began his career by taking a job with Standard Oil’s tanker office. He resigned after 6 months to join the Marine Corps. 4. Focus He served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War in 1972, where he was awarded the Air Medal. 5. Hard times bring new opportunities Kiyosaki was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in June 1974. He then joined Xerox as an sales associate until June 1978. 6. Design the business properly In 1977, Kiyosaki entered the retailing industry. He started a company that brought to market the first nylon and Velcro “surfer” wallets. 7. Know what you are working hard for In 1994, he retired at the age of 47. In 1997, he launched Cashflow Technologies, a business education company which owns the Rich Dad and Cashflow brands. 8. Don’t be afraid of losses A financial literacy advocate, Kiyosaki has been a proponent of entrepreneurship, business education, investing, and that financial literacy should be taught in schools around the world. 9. Aim to acquire assets Kiyosaki also maintains a monthly column on Yahoo Finance. 10. Stop saving money, hedge it His sister, Emi Kiyosaki, is a former Tibetan Buddhist nun. He has co-authored one book with Emy called “Rich Brother, Rich Sister”.

  124. Ok, I don’t send my kids to school, I don’t prepare them for job, I don’t make them do PhD. Tell me exactly what should I do for them .

  125. Mr. Kiyosaki.. Let me tell you.. not everyone will be an entrepeneur …. Or a doctor or an engineer and a lawyer..

    Let people find their own true purpose of life..

  126. This incredible😍
    I even make alot of video to train my mind to be more productive each day.
    What a unbelievable changing..
    Whoever see this comment I wish you all the happiness and success ❣️…
    Keep Going, it’s hard to get there but harder to loose

  127. *ppl used to make fun of me because I hated working (jobs) I hated to go to school at age grade 1. teachers beated me until one time the ruler broke on me; then when I home my mother would beat me because at age 6 I hated school. This didn’t stop until now that I’m a motivational speaker. From a mom and dad who gave up in life since I remember.*

  128. Okay so i have 10k in my savings. Where do I put it ? Robert says do not save , because they are printing money everyday. Let me guess buy silver or gold ? Does he mean physical silver and gold like go to a jewelry store and buy that? What do I do? Also he says dont put it in stocks.

  129. Thought matters. As you can see, people are taught to find good jobs whether they like it or not. People really do what they were taught after their education journey. The most important thing in life is thinking, and it is recognized as the hardest thing in the world. Maybe most of the people have lost the basic ability. Why don’t they train their brain to be wealthy? A great deal speaks louder than a great job. The mentor is financial education. Whether you like financial education, it plays an important role if you wanna succeed.

  130. In my opinion he shouldn’t say fake teachers. They are doing their job. They teach you what they know in school but then you gotta figure it out what you want and what to do. 😋

  131. 👍 Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”! A handsome fella @evenkingsfall (his insta) never stops saying you have to THINK BIG to WIN BIG! Always keep that energy! Great videos always ❤️

  132. If there was one thing I never understood about teachers, especially my age (I graduated high school in 2010) it’s why in the world would you want to pick a career as a teacher knowing you hated school yourself and most of the kids your teaching probably don’t want to be there either.

  133. For a Reminder

    Robert Said ” if you want to become Doctor, lawyer, engeneer, Employee then it is Mandatory to you to go Schools but If you want to become Entrepreneur then You don’t have to Do it”

  134. This is totally going against the norm and you know what… It makes complete sense. I have wasted many years but it’s not too late. Thank you so much.

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