2020 Resolutions Fading? Get back on track with this Law of Attraction Hack | Bob Proctor

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  2. This is exactly what I did to accomplish my goals. I did not know the explanation (like this video shows). My only guide was the Bible and I did exactly what it said. The journey led me to the same conclusion I heard Bob Proctor explain. I think this is a biblical presentation, but it is explained in scientific terms. I like it. It makes sense to me both biblically and scientifically.

  3. Love from Kashmir. Keep inspiring Bob.

  4. The acorn story resonated with me on many levels, i had an “aha!” moment, thank you Mr. Proctor!

  5. Mr. Bob how much I love you 💞 God bless you human 😇

  6. Thanks again

  7. Thanks my teacher, i love you my father i’m brazil

  8. A hot dog vendor once asked Buddha the following question: what can I get for you? Buddha’s answer: make me one with everything. Buddha was definitely in harmony with the universe.

  9. Yes some how this week happened so many stressful things in my life I almost let it fade but your videos always help me to get the fire back to my burning desire

  10. Pauline Renee Operario

    I/we know seeds grow into trees but it was never explained this way! I have been reading and listening to Bob for years now and every time I do, it’s always eye-opening…like insights keep growing! There is wisdom in the saying that we keep reading and reading or listening to the same material over and over. 💕 Thank you so much, Bob…I have changed and leapt to a different level of me when I chanced upon your work…Eternally grateful…

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