2020 Resolutions Fading? Get back on track with this Law of Attraction Hack | Bob Proctor

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  2. This is exactly what I did to accomplish my goals. I did not know the explanation (like this video shows). My only guide was the Bible and I did exactly what it said. The journey led me to the same conclusion I heard Bob Proctor explain. I think this is a biblical presentation, but it is explained in scientific terms. I like it. It makes sense to me both biblically and scientifically.

  3. Love from Kashmir. Keep inspiring Bob.

  4. The acorn story resonated with me on many levels, i had an β€œaha!” moment, thank you Mr. Proctor!

  5. Mr. Bob how much I love you πŸ’ž God bless you human πŸ˜‡

  6. Thanks again

  7. Thanks my teacher, i love you my father i’m brazil

  8. A hot dog vendor once asked Buddha the following question: what can I get for you? Buddha’s answer: make me one with everything. Buddha was definitely in harmony with the universe.

  9. Yes some how this week happened so many stressful things in my life I almost let it fade but your videos always help me to get the fire back to my burning desire

  10. Pauline Renee Operario

    I/we know seeds grow into trees but it was never explained this way! I have been reading and listening to Bob for years now and every time I do, it’s always eye-opening…like insights keep growing! There is wisdom in the saying that we keep reading and reading or listening to the same material over and over. πŸ’• Thank you so much, Bob…I have changed and leapt to a different level of me when I chanced upon your work…Eternally grateful…

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