GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES – 2020 Motivational Speech ►Copyright disclaimer: We own commercial licenses and permissions for all the content used in this video. Speakers: Les Brown Les Brown Youtube Channel: More Info – ‎ Email – yes@lesbrown.com Footage All Video Footage licensed through Videoblocksm Filmpac and Artgrid. 🎵LICENSE CERTIFICATE: Envato Elements Item ================================================= This…

GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES - 2020 Motivational Speech ►Copyright disclaimer: We own commercial licenses and permissions for all the content used in this video. Speakers: Les Brown Les Brown Youtube Channel: More Info - ‎ Email - yes@lesbrown.com Footage All Video Footage licensed through Videoblocksm Filmpac and Artgrid. 🎵LICENSE CERTIFICATE: Envato Elements Item ================================================= This license certificate documents a license to use the item listed below on a non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide and revokable basis, for one Single Use for this Registered Project. Item Title: Magic Ambient Piano Atmosphere Item URL: Item ID: E4QJ2GX Author Username: StereoNuts Registered Project Name: motivation License Date: December 24th, 2019 Item License Code: GJXMQFH325 Wake up and take control of your life! Find your Passion. Evolve your Mindset. Grow with us every day. Roadblocks, influences, lessons learned, and rules to live by are the meat of LOAC. Our goal is to arm the audience with the tools they need to discover and WALK their own path to success. LOAC channel brings together the conversational enthusiasm providing the fundamental motivational videos of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny.

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  1. It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. I have found that my attitude in life makes all the difference. I have had a stark reminder of this as I have been starting my channel. There have been ups and downs, and my attitude has been vital.

  2. Create a reason to start your work. Laziness will be disappeared. Laziness is because of disinterest in your work. Do what you love. There will be no laziness.

    1. That’s not necessarily true though. Most people are lazy because they’re comfortable, not because of disinterest . It’s because they’re content with where they are, even if it isn’t where they want to be, because they tell themselves that “everything is good enough”

  3. *I just want to remind you that no matter what it is you’re going through, everything is working out in your favor, life is guiding you in the right direction, even when it all seems dark. Have faith*

  4. Remember why you’ve started ion the first place and you will know why to continue. Great video. Love from a smaller youtuber.

  5. Life is as hard as we make it. You choose your reality there is nothing that you can’t change about your life right now.

  6. “Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will become easy.”

    — Les Brown

    1. I AM SUCCESS life will never become easy. There will never be a day where you’re not toiling or stressed about something. That said, there will definitely be better days and worse days 🙂

    2. @ɱყɱųŋą ąƙɬɛཞ it is like going to workout!!The first day is a mess,the you get better. It might not be easy but at least you play at another level!!

  7. It’s my goal to reach 1000 subscribers in my YouTube Channel. Please support me guys. I will really appreciate it.

    1. I’ve seen and listen to Les Brown a month ago with his daughter speaking to a large crowd and it was an infectious laugh he has and inspiring message– stay Hungry– for whatever you want to achieve.

  8. I worked 3 months at my job and saved $600 cause I wore the same 5 outfits and 3 extra tops, and never spent money unless I had to. I only out myself to eat a $8 lunch out once a month, and it was in private, and I can meditate after.

    1. Wow that’s an incredible way of valuing your efforts. I am going to follow your ways and start saving Now. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  9. Or reptilian brain is designed to keep is safe and in our comfort zone and ironically that’s the danger zone… Life is preparing us for bigger and better things so let’s open our heart and embrace the hard decisions 💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏

  10. Have an intention to add value, trust the universe and take massive daily action on something you are passionate about. You will be rewarded. This is what pushed me into starting my youtube channel. And even though not many watch me I trust that my efforts will be rewarded one day if I keep pushing forward.

  11. 00:57 I DO HOPE you paid back ALL the money you borrowed off the KIND people who you lent it off, When you got back on your feet.. NEVER EVER EVER EVER take advantage of another person’s kindness… NEVER EVER EVER .
    Other peoples lives may also be hard.. JUST REMEMBER THIS AS WELL OK!


  13. Nobody own’s you anything in life.
    You have freedom to get everything you want out of life.
    Branch Warren ifbb legend🙏

  14. My Greatest Moments didn’t come from my Greatest Moments. My Greatest Moments came from my Greatest Defeats.

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  16. 🔵 Often, we go through life and we compare ourselves to the other people… 🧐

    When we see people that we think are more achieving than us, are more intelligent than us, wealthier than us, have better relationships than us, more physically attractive than us, and compare ourselves to them – we minimize ourselves and think they have something we don’t we automatically inject some of their values into our lives and confuse those with our own highest values…

    When we do that, we have a tendency to set a goal that is not ours ❌

    And when we set a goal that is not ours, we decrease the probability of achievement…

    Then when we don’t achieve it, we start to beat ourselves up, and start doubting ourselves, and questioning ourselves and we start having this feeling that I can’t do what I set out to do

    You don’t feel that you can walk the talk.

    So make sure you set goals that are really yours 💯

    Because when you live according to your highest values you become inspired and awaken genius 🏆

    When you live according to your lower values you require continuous outside motivation and you suppress your genius…

    Your present purpose or mission for life will reflect your present highest values 💎

  17. I struggled in school and was losing motivation. I found the Study Bunny app and it gave me the motivation I needed to keep working. Thank god for this app because when no one believed in me, this little bunny did. And I worked and I focused and I did everything I could to catch up and now I’m passing my tests. It’s the motivation I needed in 2020. Thank you Study Bunny app.

  18. Thank you this awesome! i broke my neck 22 years ago and been in a chair since, i love being inspired and doing my best to try and inspire others.

    1. @Charan G Thank you!, but how do you know im inspiring? did you watch my story on my channel? broke my neck part 1

  19. I hope everyone who reads this believe that 2020 has the potential to be their best year yet. Please be conscious of the fact that whatever you passionately desire, you must also passionately pursue. I need you all to win in 2020. When you win, I win. The world need the greatness you possess.  2020 is the year when you  must believe that you have all that it takes to win, survive and thrive. Add a bit of extra value if you must. Read that book. Take that course. Learn that skill. It is time you make your presence known and felt. You are purposeful no matter your current situation. Stop dreaming and wake up and make it happen.  I wish you the success you deserve. 

    Follow me on Instagram for daily motivational quotes @nurturingtheextraordinary. Allow me to ignite your fire and set your passion ablaze. Let us make 2020 the greatest year together💪

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    I know you’re busy watching “Going through tough times”, but I got an important message for you.

    Motivational video are a distraction, what you really need is inspiration.

    Don’t rely on outside factors to get going and use anger against yourself as the fuel, motivation gets you hooked on validation!

    We’re all organizations in the government’s eyes, unfortunately a failing ones…

    Regardless of the reason, let’s not play the blame game, I’ve got a solution for you.

    Simply put, it’s think less and do more.

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    Do you believe dogs bark in their own heads?!

    it’s not only my opinion, many philosophies suggest the same, including Mushin & Jeet Kune Do.

    Be purposeful, get organized & make a plan, don’t think much about the past nor the future, learn from the past and plan for the future, don’t have expectations, just stay away from distractions and do what you have to do at all times and keep trying until you succeed.

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  22. Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.

  23. Never give up. There are Always Tough Times, Regardless of What You Do in Anything in Life. Be Able to Push Through Those Times and Maintain Your Ultimate Goal.

  24. Rip Derek Betancourt 🙏🏽🦋✨🦕 thank you for inspiring me in many ways. You’ve got me to watch these videos, and keep pushing to work towards my dreams. I’d still be lazy, unmotivated and I wouldn’t have faith if you didn’t help me. I will always love and remember you 🦋🌻

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  26. Mental illness is just an obstacle in the way of making you a stronger version of you. Fight through it and don’t give up 💙💙🤞

    1. I suffer from mental illness it’s in my family it’s so fukn hard to over come but I’ve come along way & your right I am stronger for it !!! U just got to believe in god & yourself and u can overcome anything !!!

  27. Great video! I was taught that we are creating our own reality. Therefore, we are fully responsible for what we materialize in the Physical Universe, either good or bad. This was definitely the best lesson I have ever had! Now, I am very careful with the thought I am creating and I accept only those that will be beneficial to me and my environment. http://www.kingdom-of-atlantis.com

  28. I decided to write a book about my past to help other young teens who are struggling. Your past doesn’t have to define you.

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  30. One of the greatest things that us human have is the ability to persevere. We may lose sometimes but don’t give.

  31. Les brown is the best motivation speaker of all time!!! And his laugh makes me laugh god bless you mr brown

  32. In times of hardship, it might feel like an eternity. Trust me, once you get out of it, you realize, it wasn’t that bad after all. Believe in yourself and stay focus on what you are working on.

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  36. This is just great speech and very inspiring. Found this new guy. He is good as well as a motivational speaker——

  37. I think i knew what are my dreams .Hey guys.do you like video create and sell it fast.oh.this is the chance guys.i know you llike this.lets do it.

  38. The small pitfalls in life debts and family or a girl breaking up with you, losing your job, etc, these are all lessons they really are but they are just presence in a way, but it’s the perception of how you see that present do you allow to destroy you or do you allow change you, is it a wake-up call hey you gotta get off this path or something else, it’s a state of mind guys it’s not a state of reality. Love you all

  39. Thank you, I really needed this right now. I must keep fighting, keep trying, and keep believing.

  40. Mr. Les, Td Jake’s and Steve Harvey been the three Best! Thank you for Guidance! Everyone have a Bless day/night….🙏

  41. Every time I’m experiencing tough times, I say to myself: this is temporary, it will pass, sooner or later, so I keep doing my job and use the situation to build more resilience.

    “When you’re going through hell, keep going!”

  42. Tough times happen in your life. Every-time you get over tough times, you’re getting stronger

  43. Spend 5 yrs watering a Chinese bamboo tree, then it grows. I tell you what people say….” Wow, you’re lucky”
    Funny how people refer to successfull people as ‘lucky’

  44. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what kind your going to get ..just love life be great full for what you have not what you don’t have .

  45. I get emotional everytime I listen to this man. He’s touched my heart and changed my life. Thank you Les Brown.

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