DISCIPLINE YOUR THOUGHTS – Best Motivational Speech for 2021
DISCIPLINE YOUR THOUGHTS – Best Motivational Speech for 2021
✨Do you want to boost your productivity levels? ►Click here for Jim Kwik’s FREE masterclass with Mindvalley👉 : _____________________________ DISCIPLINE YOUR THOUGHTS – Best Motivational Speech for 2021 Speakers: Jim Rohn Mel Robbins Les Brown teamfearless Ed Mylett Td Jakes Tom Bilyeu Eric Thomas Footage All Video Footage licensed through Videoblocksm Filmpac and Artgrid. Music…

✨Do you want to boost your productivity levels? ►Click here for Jim Kwik’s FREE masterclass with Mindvalley👉 : _____________________________ DISCIPLINE YOUR THOUGHTS - Best Motivational Speech for 2021 Speakers: Jim Rohn Mel Robbins Les Brown teamfearless Ed Mylett Td Jakes Tom Bilyeu Eric Thomas Footage All Video Footage licensed through Videoblocksm Filmpac and Artgrid. Music Really Slow Motion Whitesand Borrtex Buy Really Slow Motion music Amazon : iTunes: Spotify: Bandcamp: Music - Borrtex LICENSE CERTIFICATE: Envato Elements Item ================================================= This license certificate documents a license to use the item listed below on a non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide and revokable basis, for one Single Use for this Registered Project. Item Title: Cinematic Ambient Piano Item ID: GAWF2HZ Author Username: Enrize Registered Project Name: DISCIPLINE YOUR THOUGHTS - Best Motivational Speech for 2021 License Date: January 21st, 2020 Item License Code: 3NPVSLYUMZ ►Copyright disclaimer: We own commercial licenses and permissions for all the content used in this video except parts about the topic that have been used under fair use.

99 thoughts on “DISCIPLINE YOUR THOUGHTS – Best Motivational Speech for 2021

  1. I lost my job during the pandemic
    I created my YouTube channel in faith, believing for myself, you and the rest of the world 🌎

    1. I have seen few testimonials about Mrs Helen and her trading skills but I have no idea how to reach her. I have been looking for where to invest and grow what I have cause with the pandemic and everything that has happened now we all need to be prepared

    2. @Eddie Hamilton Wow, amazing to see others who trade with Mrs Helen. I’m currently on my 5th trade with her and my portfolio has grown tremendously & just by applying her strategies I now trade independently. I strongly recommend her 🙏

  2. . “We do today what they won’t, so tomorrow we can accomplish what they can’t.” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

  3. Just wanna remind everybody that if you try your hardest to reach your goals, you WILL get there!

  4. “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this, you haven’t.”
    Thomas Edison

  5. Good Quote, You should never regret anything in Life, if it’s good, it’s wonderful, if it’s bad, it’s experience.

  6. Please low the background music so that at least the time I am investing in listening to this track makes it worth it.

  7. Yeah very good reminder great wake up call that is what I was thinking I was thinking of some people I know that their life remains same well I said they never move no one will do it if they don’t do it even god will not to do anything will change nothing in your love if u don’t make him to do it you have to think first whar u wants to change in your life and pray about it then god moves and do it if not he knows lots of things hr is creator but he don’t do it for me that is true i have to wake up and do what is necessary to make things right .God bless u guys we lobe you it is great video thank u again .

  8. *”Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”*

    I believe in you my friend, never give up…

  9. “The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.”

    *― John C. Maxwell*

    Failures are the only way to success.

  10. Background music is unnecessary. I couldn’t hear what was being said so shut off the video. It was really aggravating.

  11. Who is “Team Fearless”??? (What company?) Who are the rest of the speakers? (There’s only a small number mentioned) I didn’t see Steve Harvey’s name? Also, the words on the screen are different from what is being said, and the words stop at 6:09….. That’s a little annoying! 😫

  12. Be accountable to yourself. Stop lying to yourself. Drive yourself forward. Desire needs to come from within.

  13. For more motivation videos like this please take a look at our channel and let us know what you think 😀

  14. But I feel like I must have been a bad dude someone that Was rude and hateful in the life before now because. I can’t see who I’m supposed to be. I been looking for that guy all my life. When I think I found my calling to better myself something catastrophic happens and let’s me know it was just a pipe dream. I am almost fifty can’t spell not that good with money or figures but I just want to provide and be happy and work like the next guy but I don’t know which way to go I need help

  15. I’m not sure who needs to read this but you are capable of reaching your dreams.

  16. “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” – Elon Musk

  17. Summary
    No ones telling you to do something🤫…. decision is yours🧐 ….don’t have the fear of failure😨…push yourself to accomplish your goals🤗 .👑🚩🏁
    Add in your learnings 😁😁😁

  18. Considering that so much of what we do on a daily basis is habit-driven, developing the right habits will help to instill the right amount of discipline into our lives.

  19. only you can change your mindset and work on your discipline. Only you yourself can change for the better. Cheers!

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  21. EXACTLY what WE NEED EVERYDAY! “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”-Fred DeVito🎯👍🏾💪🏾☀️

  22. Changing bad habits is one of the hardest thing in life. Anyone who is struggling now, you are not alone! Keep going, never give up!
    Motivation team 🔥🌏💙

  23. who is the speaker at the very end – and from what talk? Meeting your identical twin…wow. Thank you for this – excellent video, very inspiring. Don’t forget it’s okay to sit and breathe and pet your pets once in a while …. even once a day maybe 😉

  24. 🤔Do you not think you deserve to be helped?
    🤔Do you feel you need to have all the answers and figure it out yourself?
    🤔Do you trust yourself more than a professional to handle your Financials?

    Were you the first child in your family that had to take care of everyone?

    Our money trauma(s) cause us to self sabotage our future success.

    I’m here to help ease that burden and help you carry the load of starting your business on solid financial ground for the long term.

  25. The lack of motivation is just a symptom of something, that may be caused by something else. With the little mind game I learned from the “Exponential Motivation Method by Richard Williams” I did not only fight the symptoms, but found the deep rooted reasons, so that I started to gradually increase my motivation from day to day!

    So whenever I feel that I am lacking motivation for a task, I start playing this “game” in my mind that reframes the whole task and makes it a whole lot easier for me to accomplish the task, instead of letting my mind say “I’ll do it later when I am more motivated”. It’s not the same as visualisations, which is less powerful IMO.

  26. Pushing against anything causes resistance energetically & will exhaust u.. Using the Tool of Ease, Flow & Joy brings faster results and its much more Fun!🙃🧚🏼‍♀️😹🤸🏼‍♂️💖🤸🏼‍♂️💖sending love vibrations 2 all U Gorgeous Lights out there ✨🥰👽👁

  27. I walk to a near university for wifi for my YouTube channel I struggle to get food pray for me thanks 1 day I will get there

  28. I wasn’t expecting my profit from Austin but I was amazed when I saw my bitcoin profit just today..

  29. 100% agreed, no one is coming to save us; to tell us what to do. Look at the story of “Uru in the Valley of Sleepers” – similar to the Wizard of Oz. “Uru” was kind of like a “saint,” I guess. He was known in the story as a famous healer that goes from village to village and grants people their wishes. One day he goes through a village where some people cannot see, or hear, or feel. So they beg him for them, and he gives them eyes and ears and hearts. Then they begged him to tell them what to look for, what to listen for, and what they should feel, but he told them it is up to them to figure that out. They thought, and they could not figure it out quickly. They begged him to tell them how to figure it out; he said only they can know that, and he went on his way. Later on – years later – a man who knew Uru as “Uru the Awakener” passed through this same village. He saw a statue of the man, but instead of seeing a gold statue in respect for Uru’s gifts, it was black, with a different name. He asked a local villager about it, and the villager said that Uru had brought gifts but didn’t teach the villagers how to use them, so they never did anything with them, and therefore he had spread false hope, so they deemed him “Uru the Disappointer.”

    Uru could have been seen as either, but the real moral of the story is this – Learn from the Sleepers. Don’t take the gifts you have and be ungrateful for them – they were given to you to do with them what you wish. Be the 1% – Don’t just watch those David Goggin or Seth Rogan videos – BE them, LEARN from them.

    You change your mindset, you change your life.

  30. I was out of work during the pandemic I went on 4 job interview during the did not have any luck at all ,so when I became employed again at the end of December 2020 then a month later towards end of January 2021 ,I got back stab ,like a slap in the face with my job ,so one day I was trying to login in my computer network it was no longer active I call my boss twice and I was let go from my job with notice I did not give up hope I keep applying for jobs , the next day I got email from another job and I got that same day and starting working the following week. One closed and the another open for better employment opportunities always keep that faith and never give up hope

  31. Ed Mylett at the end with the quote of at the end of life – who could you have been… IN TEARS. That quote HITS

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