4 True “Disappearing Object Phenomenon” Stories! – Down The Rabbit Hole! Episode 17

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  1. these stories keep me motivated

  2. Luv these story’s..

  3. I have one experience. So My dad needed some folder with some important paper and he lost it. I check the entire house, no signal. there where a place where I checked more than 5 times. I had on this table few bags with things inside and there were also an empty clothes black bag. Next day I keep looking. I stopped myself for a sencond and started to visualize that I already found the paper. I let my intuition guide me and my intuition took me to the table where I had the bags and where I checked more than 5 times… the paper was inside the clothes black bag that I checked the day before and was empty.

    I asked my dad If he remember that if he put the paper there and he even surprised because he swear he never did that, he swear that he put it on the surface of someplace.

    I found it in the place where I just checked the day before and even I revised that clothes bag and It was empty….

    Since then I’ve been experiencing synchronicities everyday and also mystical experiences. Wake up calls.

  4. It sounds like dissociating might be happing

  5. One time I looked at my phone and I could swear to God my battery was low showing red. Later checked and was on 60 I’ve never been this confused cuz I had my charger in my hand to charge my phone.

  6. Thanks. I’m so happy that I’m not the only person who’s experienced this.

  7. One time back in the 90’s I broke a glass window without touching it, that day I was really, really mad with my mother and saw her leaving got my hand close to the glass and it broke but i didn’t even touch it, long story short I had to pay for repairs. Any one has an idea what could happen? I been wondering for years, thank you in advance.

  8. You have two types of people who do this. The dead. Fairies. Both steal/take items and move them around.

  9. CaptaiNemo Da Weirdest Rapper Ya Know

    Crazy it happened to my tablet just recently…1000% true

  10. Disappearing crap happens to me all the time.🤷‍♀️
    Sometimes I will speak out loud to whatever spirit is surrounding me and tell him to give it back. And they will.

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