5 Tools to Help Transform Your Life! W/ YouAreCreators and SammyDTv -Pt1

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  1. What a cute couple!  God bless you both.  You guys are providing an invaluable service to the planet.  I send love your way. 🙂

  2. You are creator is one of my go to channels. It helps me motivate myself and others. I own a hair Salon. I have to inspire, motivate, and encourage people all day my team members and my clients. This is a wonderful source thank you so much for letting your light shine

  3. Interesting. So you said you study this day and night. Would you be willing to share your reading materials?

  4. There is a kind of black animal,at your shoulder.

  5. holy sh*t you guys founded “you are creators”?!? this channel has changed my life so much THANKS GUYS!!!! =)

  6. Thank you YouAreCreators and Sammy. 😀 I am grateful for everything in my life. 😀

  7. Very informative show, really enjoyed it. Thanks for making our planet a more brilliant place to live. ❤️

  8. Carouge à épaulettes

    when you are talking about the robin bird in your yard , my mother went thru the same thing when she was pregnant with me. The bird was her every day gift , I am a gift from God to her and the world and this is me in real life. That’s how I got my name. Amazing!  wow ! Thank you ! have a continued great life.

  9. THANKS  I really enjoy your channel …all the videos are GREAT!

  10. So nice to put faces with this Channel.   I simply fell in love with your Channel when I first found it.  Thank you for such positivity and insight.

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