5 True Stories Of Telekinesis! (What The Mind Can Really Do!)

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  1. Guy told me not to skip the ad. I skipped the ad. 👊

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  3. When you look, you collapse the wavelngth!! Brilliant!!!

  4. Okay i need help i know this stuff is real cause i experienced it… when i was young i was zoned out my brother placed a glass on the table and it exploded after 10 seconds of him walking away keep in mind this was my little brother age 7 i was 13… now im 19 and it happened again i had my cup spin on its side and go back to normal idk how but then i looked back and its like nothing happened? So how do i do it consciously

  5. Vicki V Uchiha-Hatake

    I am going to be the next avatar

  6. The Crystal Keeper Catisio

    I was naturally born to see the future and go into others mind but not interpret their minds

  7. i was that person that moved the doll. i seem the astral project just laying still on the bed with out trying and when i try wont work go figure

  8. had several instances of random telekinesis.

  9. This is real guys if you pray god could give you the gift to move things with your mind but you have to be active to him he ain’t gonna just give you wat you want he is gonna give you instructions he gave me a dream that involves telekinesis but I was the one with it if you wake up and say god thank you for waking me up and my family and talk to him he will do good things for you he will bless you if you never talk to him and all of a sudden pray for this gift that means your using him he knows everything before you do he knew that you were going to read this before you came out of your mother so appreciate him and he will bless you

  10. Telekinesis is real, I was skeptical until I was able to move a psi wheel just by looking at it and concentrating.

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