5 True Stories That Prove Multiple Dimensions exist! (Quantum Physics)

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  1. Man has serious limitations. We think we know everything, but in reality we don’t know shit. I believe we know only a fragment of the the truth that exists out there and its possible that half of that truth is a lie. I believe there are seven Multiverses each with its independent characteristics. As human we maybe the smartest among all the spices, but our intellect is not limitless and we are almost at the end of those limits. Meaning we are about to hit the dead End.

  2. Adding my own experience that I can never forget..

    I had a recurring dream when I was young. More of a nightmare. I am in a lift lobby with luggages and somehow the lift door opens and a man walks out. It’s nothing scary but I don’t know why I am very afraid of the man. Every time the dream gets longer and longer, being more detailed each time. And I always woke up terrified of the man. But I never get to see the man’s face. The last time I had this dream was at the climax part when the face is almost (but not) visible. I think I had it recurring for about 3 years but not often. Then it finally happened in real life, when I was overseas with my school mates. My reality began playing like my dreams. And it snapped to be like I DREAMT OF THIS COUNTLESS OF TIMES! The man turned out to be my teacher I was afraid of.

    Ever since I told this story out, I never had instances when my dream comes true again sadly haha.

  3. The world full of information…
    Choose wisely what you want to get identified with… ! #scrambledScience

  4. “The Man from Taured” is a urban legend period. There are no witnesses or actual physical evidence.

  5. But still there is only “one”…….. `cos if you effect one, you will effect ALL the others too (worlds & humans), like a wave which spread its self on the sea, or like when u stand between two mirrors, and what ever u do the other “you`s” will follow your moves…..

  6. What if I say, all our thoughts are made into reality in a parallel universe.., strange.

  7. I woke up once and I thought I was dreaming. Turns out, I was dreaming.

  8. Cocaine is a powerful drug

  9. I travel through time through my lucid dreams because my mind lets me. There is a video titled “Lucid Dream Train” on my channel; and , my website is mentioned in the video description. I think that those who can move through time physically have the type of body that lets them. Just guessing! I have been reading about time travel ever since I became able to read and understand the Quran. There is in an Islamic story about a time traveller named “Ibn Khidr.” There is no other mention of any other time traveller except for Prophet Mohammad. In Mohammad’s case, he travelled with the help of a horse named “Burak”. But Khidr used to just appear and dissaper somehow. There is really less stuff on Khidr for some reason. Time travellers are interesting to notice. What if some of them are angles who just appear to shed some light about quantum mechanics and then disappear. What if the rest are just ordinary people who just happened to walk into a time warp and could travel because their bodies let them just like my mind and brain let me travel through time while I am asleep.

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