7 Things SUCCESSFUL Manifestors Do to EASILY Create What They Want Using the Law of Attraction!

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  1. Your Youniverse

    Recommended Video: Your Thoughts Can ALTER Your Physical REALITY! (Here’s How!)

  2. I am healthy
    I am wealthy
    I am abundance
    I am a millionaire

  3. All very true. I am living proof of that truth. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with others.

  4. Entrepreneur YHY

    Thank You ******Thank You ******

  5. Jacqueline Ramphal

    Great video and all true! You are doing a great job with these videos!!❤️❤️❤️

  6. Ananya Chattopadhyay

    my morning routine includes ur channel.. thankyou.. thankyou thankyou

  7. Thanks!

  8. I should have said Justin your channel is one of my favorites as well! ❤️

  9. Wow these are actually all me gg

  10. I find no. 5 difficult. I have to live with my dad & stepmother (the are very aged & negative people) due to ill health/finances. Any advice?

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