8 Things to Leave in 2019 for a Successful, Abundant, and Happy 2020

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  1. I just blocked one of the most toxic people in my life and man does it feel good 😀

  2. Leeor you are so special to me, I view you as a mentor, a teacher, a guru. I am so happy you share your knowledge with all of us, your teachings stick with me and have made my life so much more beautiful. Thank you 🙂

  3. Im literally out of friends now. :/ Im very depress.

  4. I loved this! Ty 💕

  5. Your an integral scholar

  6. Love ya….but once you have children, trust me – your time for yourself to do whatever you want in a day becomes very limited!! Lol.

  7. I learnt in a class in college that bad news is good news and that’s when I stopped watching the news
    Thank you for the advice Leeor!

  8. 6:06 there’s an elephant living in Leeor’s house

  9. This is priceless💗💗

  10. I was brought up to believe that I had to have almost superhuman patience and love. So you see I got burn out depression and a serious illness. I thank god that I finally started to take care of myself. Yes I have now started to leave people behind and not feel guilty doing it.

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