A Look Inside Paradigm Shift | Day 1

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  1. I love u

  2. Juan carlos Moreno


  3. I like the concept but nothing changed since I took the course. Don’t know where I went wrong or why it didn’t work.

    • Estudiando Aprendo

      Erick Suarez Thanks for sharing your experience. As with anything, it really is up to us to make things work, it took me many years to get that. I personally have discovered that the material works when we have a clarity of direction, a single aiming point and not many different ones, at least that’s what happened to me for many years until I singled in to only ONE objective and left all others to the side, then things started happening with ease, grace and flow. Hope that helps my friend.

    • Estudiando Aprendo I agree. I’m just stuck in the part of the process where I can’t put this material together to work for me and I’m still trying to get that breakthrough. Very frustrating place to be at.

    • Estudiando Aprendo

      Erick Suarez I hear you. This guy really helped me after I took some of Bob’s programs jeffreycrespo.com he is a yogi and kind of a shaman he helped me narrow in my purpose and acting on it every week. I highly recommend him!

    • Estudiando Aprendo missing the spiritual aspect of it all. I’m not religious by far. I’ve read think and grow rich years before I came across Proctor Gallagher and it was real hard for me to grasp concept without spiritual knowledge, not to be confused with religious knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is the missing piece of the unseen.

    • you need to know what you really want, believe you can have it and be willing to put in the work. you can listen to all the motivational stuff you want but unless you have these 3 things down you are going nowhere. it really is this simple but also hard at the same time.

  4. Awesome Sauce!!
    Change the conversation you have
    with “yourself”,
    to “yourself”,
    about “yourself”
    & change your Paradigm.

  5. “Success in life is the result of good judgement. Good judgement is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgement.” Tony Robbins

  6. @34:00 seconds Alex Morton 🙌

  7. I love you Bob 🙂

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