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  2. o can´t stop see your videos, i dont miss one haha.
    I love your work (:

  3. MysticSage Elementalintelligence

    I love you 😘

  4. 👌🏼✌🏻🍀

  5. René Carlos Taméz Gómez

    Thamk for sharing.

  6. Kronos – the god of time, death and limitation in Greek mythology. At my job, the time-clock I punch in and out of is literally named KRONOS. 🙁

  7. Imagine if Bob was your grandad

  8. Thanks for the advice Mr. Proctor. 👍

  9. So what should be the 6 most important things I need to do? (Its not the daily chores) So need some examples

    • Jonatan Benavides

      I am on the same boat bro. It’s got to do with working towards your goals. But I’m also not sure as to what exactly. It’d be awesome if someone from PGI would answer our question…

    • Wayne DeCunha I personally think 6 is abit excessive to do in the morning for your average person that works full time! For myself I’d probably half it to 3. But i think some examples could be exercise, reading/studying, doing something creative i.e artwork, playing an instrument. Don’t forget goals are not only career related but also for personal development.

  10. Hey Bob will be great if you make videos about subconscious mind,creative imagination

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