Abraham Hicks ♥Want something? Then do this to call it to you.

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  1. May i be under GRACE AN not the laws …thank u i give my heart to all loving all as loving thyself….jus lov ..be grace to thy own self..an OUTWARDLY GRACE WILL FLOW THREW LIKE A RUSHING WATERFALL…LOV ALL

  2. Abraham is the state of faith…faith is fuel to tge imagination…to the HEART..sets a direct full signal of emotional fields of knowing ..of Awareness..””””WALK by FAITH..KNOWING U CAN WALK…,SEE BY GRACE…UR IMAGINATION AND DESIRES ARE THE BREAKIN OF BREAD AN WINE UR COMMUNION WITH GOD CHRIST THATS IN U..THATS IN ALL AND EVERYTHING…LOV THYSELF ..LOV ALL

  3. Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u for all ETERNITY…LOV ALL

  4. Focus upon the new desire; stop focusing on the absence of the new desire. Your awareness of the missing things in your now prevents them from coming. If your now reality is not filling in with your new desire then your vibration is off. You’re offering a vibration about what is missing. You must get into an optimistic mood now to allow the universe to deliver to you the clues and impulses to witness the things you desire flooding into your reality. Mold your energy, your point of attraction so you can receive what you desire.

  5. Very good..

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