Abraham Hicks 2016-Choose this way,for a wonderful life(new)

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  1. A group using my email from a comment on Abraham Hicks video is using it to sharing negativity. ‘The Abraham Hicks con/fake.’ I read the whole page. I was angry, I breathed, I laughed and I let it pass. I read it again and felt sadness they did not accept or tolerate Abraham Experience. The third time I read it I blessed them and deleted the message with love. Thinking, ‘Perhaps it is not their time to turn on, tape in and tune in!’

    It was a blessing. No judgement. No need to get defensive and debate. I had no time for it. Walked the dog at twilight in awe of the most beautiful sunset pink, yellow, orange, blues, indigo. We rarely ever get anything like this! It was stunning. The abundance of air, Sky, atmosphere, colours in the sky, the jewel tones. Peace exploded in my heart. Spontaneous and intensely. The next day I won two free lotto tickets, and two cash wins. And … my pension went up for the first in 18 years $80 per month! Better better and best! I will never get it perfect, I can never get it wrong, and I am never going to run out of desires and dreams for fun, play and adventure. Thank you Abraham and Esther. My love to you. Aligned on fire, happiest ever and feeling fine!

  2. You are in step 5!
    Congratulations! 😊

  3. sm0984169@gmail.com,andIwillbeagoodtimetopapthesametimethesamething

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