Abraham Hicks 2016- Find your inner peace(new)

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  1. I love how he is analytically processing the vortex in a scientific way

  2. Charles Michael

    The conversation here between the man and Abraham is different than most others. it is way way way much deeper, much more intellectual.

  3. If someone would have told me…
    If only I had known
    If only I believed
    In signs that had been shown

    If only I had faith
    If only I could change
    What was and is to come
    If only I could rearrange

    But nothing really exists
    Within all the “what if’s
    So open thy heart
    Do away with the lists

    And then we shall see
    Removing ourselves from the past
    Forgiving in the present
    And offering love that will last!!

    Be wise & listen closely
    Bring it into existence
    Love unconditionally
    With sincere persistence

    Be quick to say I’m sorry
    Remember you’ve been forgiven many times
    Let no Ill feeling persuade you
    Ignoring the help and the signs

    Life is so very short
    God is so very good
    Judge not from your own perspective
    And love all not just one brood

    For one day we will say
    If only I had forgiven
    If only I had loved
    Where would I be living?

    We all have the ability
    To soar above the clouds
    Opening hearts and minds
    Removing the soiled shroud

    Rising up above
    Believing without seeing
    Finding what one seeks
    Hoping instead of fleeing!!!

    By Brigid Anne Rohde

  4. Its so wonderful to realize others are in this wonderful space❤
    Much love❤

  5. New ~ three years ago.

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