Abraham Hicks 2020 New Powerful Statement that you never heard before – The Calibration Process

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  1. Good video! Wanna be friends?

  2. I got a heart attack during that rocket scene

  3. Gisela-Victoria Schoefer


  4. lovejoyfreedomhappiness

    I love the little cat playing with yarn next to Abraham. πŸ™‚

  5. This was fantastic!!!! Thank you:)

  6. Thank you !

  7. Mohamed Rafi Reporter

    Daily she is any one subject starting.please avoid me.You sreGood snd Exclent lady? I am not any way fit.

  8. ε‘¨η”ŸηΏ

    The Calibration Process

  9. What happens when you mostly feel bored and lonely – how do you flip that

  10. Love love love this!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!πŸ’šπŸ™πŸ‘½

  11. Excellence is not what you do. Excellence is who you are. Lauren St John…Joseph your talent has made room for you. Your excellence is exploding from inside and you need nothing more than your excellence. Excellence will take you everywhere. You are the essence of inspiration and not imitation. Well done!

  12. This showed up on my OLD I pad ….I’m so glad I discovered this … . Hilarious πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
    I love the explosion & the rocket igniting . Wow …. experienced visions such as this somewhat
    some years ago .You have a way with words geez ” don’t push.the noodle ” lol He turned
    On my ignition & my motor is purring like a kitten 😍 He tamed the lionesses ‘ ha ‼️don’t grind …
    Whew . I’m not a sexual minded human but I have a creative imagination upon my ❀️
    My thoughts & feelings are so embraced upon my discovering my rocket . My inner being
    from the inside felt explosion thru the law of attraction ‘ He stimulated my awareness of my desires *
    So true we never eliminate our desires We just over look them … We sacrifice. We focus on other things
    & others … No focus on ourselves πŸ˜žπŸ€” Haha lover in the bank & $$ in bed ….
    Killing me πŸ˜±πŸ€”πŸ€‘ Made me recall my daughter telling me years ago ” I’m done ” then silence
    filled the room …. giving her time to absorb all her emotions . Later she said he could land a space
    ship right here in the drive loaded with $$$. & I’m still Done ‼️. She has a vivid imagination too &
    has a animated personality’ at times . Mostly in a humorous way Rarely is she really Serious ….
    Mostly light minded positive attitude , with a solid confident character ‘ hum …. that’s my girl *
    I must say this is really funny & it covers the bottom line . I’m with ya’ I get it ‘ . Our mom’s
    gave us hurt & rejection but let’s realize they were young & blah blah blah …. immature & had
    their own issues ; let me guess with their partner in life ‘ mostly .Therefore their not stable minded
    Their sometimes unpredictable , moody …. nothing really to do with us ( we are Good jSweet
    Kids ) yet their pre occupied . This wasn’t uncommon back when marriages were common at
    18-19 years old . Let’s fast forward & focus on our potential partner in life * Is SHE /HE ..Loving ,
    Giving , Honest , Nurturing , Stable , Loyal , Christian believers ….. I guess I shouldn’t be bragging
    But you get the drift . Focus on that person being your parent ( Partner ) I know it seems strange
    I’m imagining upon my πŸ’“ Every lil girls First Hero is their daddy ‘ Being a daddy’s girl I remember
    feeling safe , protected, little bit spoiled , adored , had his undivided attention , affection , & his un –
    conditional love πŸ’ I also recall his humor , our fun , singing , our events ( outings) , trips, From the
    little things to the extravagant times we shared were all priceless . If I was asked to express one
    Word ” Why ” ? I would say I felt. LπŸ’“ V E D. 🌹. I believe it’s healthy to desire this type of partner
    for life *. Some sickos want to twist the innocence into ” oh you want a father figure ” I never had
    a spanking . Nothing dysfunctional *. Same if a person grew up with a dysfunctional parent ( for
    instance a drunk ) That’s the last thing they desire in a lifetime partner . When you preach ” We can
    Know what we Want from knowing what we don’t want ” I believe that’s very TRUE ‼️ Those whom
    have difficult time expressing their desires …. their needs …. I think maybe express what the deal
    breakers are …. We all can list things we do Not want .May not really think about it as it can be painful
    But many times verbally expressing feelings is a release of these negative emotions . I might of missed
    my calling. lol ‘ I think the combination of good common sense & being behind a stylist chair * growing
    up in a broken home & then witnessing all their emotional ups & downs ~~~ separating & Re-Marring
    As we know that rarely works out . It’s mostly out of guilt &/-or their religious background . Gotta give em ‘
    credit for the effort . We can all go down memory lane & feel hurt …. & happiness * I choose to remember
    the Love πŸ’. Love is a gift from God . God is love We shall love one another . We shall CARE about how we
    feel * The power of love is extraordinary & eternal * Lets not muddy that up with anything negative that we
    may connect it to “love” . I believe too many say Love hurts . Love is dangerous . Love sucks …. The Only hurt we
    can relate love with is…with loss ( grief ) A life we desperately Miss is hurtful- painful beyond comprehension . We
    Miss their love & we miss loving them ( sharing Time with them ) . In their HONOR ” We shall LOVE ❣❣❣
    That’s when we can truly Feel & witness their presence πŸ˜‡πŸ’πŸ˜‡β˜¦πŸ’«πŸŒžπŸŒˆ. I Chose LπŸ’VE 🌹

  13. Guilt /sacrifice / suffering is sometimes related to Catholic upbringing . I have the highest respect
    & feel the presence of The Lord in most all church’s . Sorta like you say desires are always in our
    Inner being . Therefore either we are a believer in Christ or we are not . It’s inside of us . It’s part of
    Who we are …. It’s non negotiable . Sometime I believe the guilt & sufferings can be related to our
    past environment . Sometimes we are with a partner whom is controlling & use guilt trips to manipulate
    us . Nevertheless once we really know who we really are …. we no longer feel those negative emotions
    We removed ourself from the dysfunctional environment & discover we are lonely . Let not go back to
    where we were . Let’s focus on improving ourselves , listening to this stuff . Become spiritually mature
    Pray upon our desires & just maybe we are worthy in ourselves to see the signs Gods angels deliver in
    our path . We know all about Amazing Grace * We are devoted , loyal & upon our beliefs we know we will
    Be Blessed ….. PS ” Ring my Bell ” 🎀🎼😜
    I would of never thought … I’d be single going on 10 years but we cannot determine / control Gods plan
    I believe in trusting & believing our journey is all in His hands . It’s up to us to recognize & ACT upon His
    Blessings with a positive pure ❀️ feeling grateful πŸ™πŸ»

  14. Love the animation!

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