Abraham Hicks~ Exercise to move into future experiences (using a car as a example). NO ADS

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  1. Napoleon Hill & Abraham

    the car is downstream Audi r8!

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  4. Decide to focus on one desire in a way you feel good about it; just by cleaning up your vibration on that one desire a whole log jam breaks loose on this and other desires as well. Find the feeling; align with the essence of what you want. Keep on practicing the feeling of the thing you desire; this tunes you to the solution. Once you find the vibrational essence of it, it all lines up for you.
    Get in the vortex while thinking about the ease of having your desire; your desire is in the vortex; feel into it. Release resistance; allow the alignment of who and what you are. Get into the vortex and then affirm; then act. From inside the vortex everything comes into clarity. Make peace with what is; love the contrast. Appreciating the contrast is allowance of the solution.

  5. Excellent segment..

  6. There’s so much more, such amazing claryfing and empowering AH in this segment than what the title suggests…

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