Abraham Hicks~ Explains Seth Material With Seth~no Ads

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  1. Woooooow! Excellent snippet. Thank you.

  2. MrLaTEchno Reality,Stop Fake News.

    So spontaneity is a collection of past / built-up intent acting outwards on you.[ if you see it ]

  3. So much Seth info!. Thank you!!

  4. “It is my intention that the lives of all people I interact with will either be elevated as a result of our interaction, or they will be left where they are, but that no one will be diminished as a result of their interaction with me.” 
    Wow! Thank you for sharing!

  5. phenomenal!!! how have I never youtubed my two favorite nonphysical teachers together before?! Love Seth, love Abe <3

  6. omg this is so good. thank you! I really appreciate Abraham expanding on what Seth meant.

  7. Awesome!❤️

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