Abraham Hicks~ Sensations when Meditating and sometimes after, what does it mean?

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  1. Damien Jolivette

    Very well put!!! Now I completely innerstand!!

  2. Larry Starstruck

    Wow, that is incredible. I love this. I tingle often during meditation.

  3. Holy crap I felt some weird energy on my hands and it reminded me of mortal combat and freaked out

  4. Sea Water Witch

    Sometimes I feel like I’m floating

  5. I fucking love meditation lol

  6. I get fireworks and tickles 🤗 electronic☮️🕉♥️💋🧘🏽‍♀️🥗🌲📚 peace be with u all beautiful souls

  7. I sometimes get this feeling in face and then when I go deeper my whole body tingles and vibrates.

  8. Iv always been able to at will

  9. When I meditate I have the feeling of floating and swaying my body like gently sways.

  10. I just loved listening to this!

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