Abraham Hicks ~ Smoking, Is there anything wrong with it?

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  1. ]]]WoodDragon[[[

    Thank you so much for leaving the actual talking part ad free. So many Abe posters interrupt the message with jarring ads.

  2. damn who every get this power of thought they will be on whole new level

  3. Patrick Supersonic

    1,000,000 likes for this segment from me!!!!!

  4. I’ve smoked like a train most of my life and love it. It has never affected my health. I just don’t believe tobacco is bad.

  5. Wow! This is amazing to hear but consistent with Abe’s teachings. It is all about energy and lining up with it. What you think and what you feel and what manifests always match. If you are going to do something then line up with it. If you believe it is bad then stop doing it.

  6. To any behavior align with it. Stay in the vortex. That’s what’s tricky about what people believe they get to have an opinion about. Do you and stay aligned with what keeps you in alignment

  7. I apply this to being late. At least I don’t hate myself so much or have anxiety about it anymore. Working on it in a more positive way by making it part of my alignment.

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