ABUNDANCE Affirmations – RELEASE Resistance About MONEY & SUCCESS! (Law Of Attraction) Workout Music

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  1. Your Youniverse

    *With this track, I’ve combined 2 things that work very well together: Affirmations and Music for body movement. When we use cross lateral movement (such as running, riding a bike or dancing) the 2 sides of the brain are forced to communicate. This means that cognitive functioning is heightened and ease of learning increases, making the affirmations “stick” in a more beneficial way. If you want more workout affirmations to use while your brain is in a favorable state to learn, give me your suggestions below and I’ll work on creating them! ✅ To Purchase This MP3, Click Here ➡ **** ✅If you prefer a slower, more meditative version, you can click here ➡ ***

  2. Vilasprabha Jadhav

    Thank you so much … 🍀🍀🍀



  4. Susana Vegan Adopt a Cat

    WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA!! thank you so much for this! Please don’t stop doing this type of music for workouts. Also, would it be possible to add binaural beats too? many thanks!!

  5. Awesome! Keep it coming! I meant every word I said on your Facebook page. You’re reaching an Entire new Audience with this Keep up the Great work and feel free to reach out to me for more info. I’ll be teaming up with David Sereda soon and I’d like to bring you on board with his NASA technology Frequencies. Talk soon. Many Blessings and kee it coming! Javier Luna San Antonio Texas ❤🙏🧘‍♂️🧠🙏

  6. Bobby McCormick

    I’ve just solved all of humanities problems. On to round 4. Love it.

  7. Wow 666 views 😀😀

  8. Thx, previous success affirmations I like best. ☺️

  9. This is nice 😃
    I like having both to choose from!

  10. I affirm to myself every day i am a millionaire whilst hunched over a sink washing pots and pans 😂👌

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