Ancient Healing Frequencies Meditation Music | Healing Tones (Raise Positive Vibrations & Energy!)

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  1. Your Youniverse

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  2. Power of positivity! ❤

  3. Shauna Marshall


  4. I love this! Thanks

  5. Steven Libby - Starborn Messenger

    Thank you for sharing! Infinite gratitude 🙏🏼✨❣️

  6. Thank you for this! I will close my eyes the third time, I am moving around and can only glimpse at the images…. I am going to replay it and watch it, the next time I will close my eyes.

  7. Monila Ninetynine

    This is lovely

  8. So beautiful. This was divine ✨👌💚🌻

  9. Antonio lewis84

    Love it

  10. This is excellent
    I am listening. I wish YouTube offered an automatic loop tab. So I could take a nap and listen to this say 6 to 9 times… 😉 youtube? Where is the repeat tab you have never seemed to be able to create in what 15 years? Lol. I manifest more in 30 mins than you tube has in their whole time on the web. I’ll just interrupt my deep meditation to go ahead anf basically rewind this like it’s a reel to reel… Because this is 1946 right? 😉

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