Are You Willing to Change? | Sandy Gallagher

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  1. Great Message Sandy And BOB Proctor
    Ready for a change and ready to go to the next level and change
    Can’t wait for the Paradigm Shift live Stream. Jan 24-26 , 2020
    Thanks Universe ❤️God AMEN

  2. Don’t know if I’m ready to change, but I hope so.

  3. EPIC!!

  4. “The scary place in life is when a person is comfortable enough not to change, and not dis-satisfied enough to change.” Tony Robbins

    • Absolutely. I was stuck there my entire life..not doing too great but not bad either..mediocre. But i then i finally got tired of my bullshit by being aware to how much of my life is being controlled by the external world and i let them control it! I have finally started taking charge. Let’s see what results it’ll yield.

    • It’s hard

  5. This was a good content rich video from the One & Only Sandy Gallagher. That’s absolutely right. Nothing changes until something changes. Unless of course it’s a Blessing from God. And yes God or the Gods exist. I know this because every creation comes from a Creator.

  6. How do you know what you really want ? Whatever I start doing it’s interesting for a month at best, and then I switch interests and something else is more interesting. How do I break this circle Bob ? Please, please answer, I really don’t know what to do…

  7. Loving this and learning thanks

  8. Imagine Bob asking you, “Are you in or are you out?” There’s no way you’d be able to say No.

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