Attract a Specific Person Love Meditation – Be On Their Mind

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  1. My ex girl friend TYS have been trapped by the man who uses black magic mind control to make her strongly sticks to him for past many yrs now .

  2. I can’t love this enough. Thank you. ❤❤

  3. Thank you so much….so much from the bottom of my heart…my love and me are one again…❤️🙏

  4. this is a very good vibrational video to listen too, I would like to hear one for my business. Thank you

  5. Separated 15 years I feel him in my heart. We will be together again 🧡 thank you universe 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🌊🌎

  6. Kourtney Fountain

    Everything has been going great with my ex, no arguing, just happy times together, we started cuddling and kissing again, we even went to a waterpark together… but then last night he hits me with “I want to download tinder and see what else is out there and I just wanted to let you know”… What do I do?

    • You deserve better

    • Allison Wonderland

      The less you appear to care, the better and I would not say a word, let his messages and calls go unanswered,law of attraction works but you also have to implement real life strategies and he’s showing bad behavior. Cut him off. He’ll apologize and see you value yourself and won’t test you again. Also I wouldn’t accept waterpark dates, it’s not romantic but something you do with a friend, from now on he treats you like a princess and takes you to dinner,gets you flowers and dreams of marrying you one day.

    • Kourtney Fountain

      @Allison Wonderland thank you for your help by the way, I really appreciate it

    • Kourtney Fountain

      @Allison Wonderland I did what you said. I deleted him on everything. Which is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But you’re right. He needs to know he cant keep treating me this way. If he wants me then he needs to commit to ME and only ME. I know he will come back and apologize. Just give it time.

    • Allison Wonderland

      @Kourtney Fountain I am so proud of you. I hope you practice lots of self care and stay busy with friends and things you like 😽 let me know how it goes! I should have mentioned thatin the future if what he’s asking you out on a sporty dates or hangouts just say no thank you I’m busy. Real date’s planned in advance is your aim he reaches out to you nowphone calls are about 10 minutes and then you have to go but this will be after he apologizes and commits. Text short responses 1 for every 4 waiting a day to reply and 15 minutes thereafter. The reason is, it’s a plan to ensure he values you and puts in more effort and protects you from being hurt besides that it Sparks his desire. Let him think or wonder if other people are interested in you and he needs to be on his best behavior 😉.

  7. Allison Wonderland

    Aparrently my cat is the one I love because she’s following me everywhere🐈

  8. He texted me while I was listening earlier. I’ve been listening to these types of meditations and it finally worked when I got honest with myself bout how I felt and when I think of my life getting better in general and not just focus on the other person . I hope what you wish for, comes true too… reader <3

  9. Nirnay Jaya Prakash

    I m listening to this . Hoping for the result. I will notify here if it works. dear universe please bless me.

  10. If your mind is racing does it still work?

  11. Will it work if he is committed?

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