Attracting Abundance – Bob Proctor

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  1. Proctor Gallagher Institute

    If you would like help in raising your abundance frequency, download “Rich Again—7 Daily Devotions to Attract Abundance” now:

    • Daniel Torres De Luna

      💒😇💖 voy con el tipo ese lado de mi corazón buena onda ya salí con tu amor supermente representativos

    • Thank you i sincerely mean that. You have been my greatest mentor. You also gave me my favorite affirmation ” Abundance is my birth right”.

  2. Rubyimpact Children's Global Foundation

    Abundance of everything. I see it, I can create I always have more than I need .its my right, God made it that way.

  3. I love your words and videos such amazing person!

  4. An abundance of wars, earth quakes ,poverty rip offs by corrupt criminals in high places ie governments

  5. Sir please translate in Hindi

  6. Thanks a lot

  7. But sir I have a little problem in my mind I am unable to use law of attraction than how can I do anything sir please thanks a lot

  8. Thank you

  9. Bob proctor swaggin the eff out! #LeggoAbundnaceAttraction!

  10. for guiding us .

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