Attracting Money By Doing What You Love! (Use This!)

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  1. Hi! Can you all do an affirmations for creatives/performers? Thank you!

  2. puregoddessuniversity

    Loved the story of your sister!

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  4. thank you 😊

  5. Here’s an article about the realities of “doing what you love.”

  6. I don’t try to take over the world, I do it

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  8. This is exactly what I needed! I kept getting odd random flashing bright signs such as big bold glowing words in my mind saying SUCCESS! And EXIT! (Both in big green bold letters) Success flashed in my mind when I randomly dreamt leaving my job. The moment I questioned if I should I turned around and saw a big sign saying exit that I’ve never seen before at my job. Maybe it truly is time to take that leap?

  9. Thank you

  10. Addicted to Personal Growth

    What a eye opener! Gosh… , the universe is speaking to us…it’s a sign for us to follow our gifts that we have to give…thank you

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