Becoming a Proctor Gallagher Consultant

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  1. Proctor Gallagher Institute

    Learn more about becoming a Proctor Gallagher Consultant HERE:

  2. I make the decision that I will be
    proctor Gallagher consultant # one consultant so be it it is done

  3. Where in india are u based


    hey, Mr Proctor, I have signed up will be waiting thanks for this amazing opportunity. I watch you every day all since around 2 weeks now.

  5. The Hood Philosophical

    I want to join yesterday if I had $30,000

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  7. after University teaching, publishing 10 books, and selling real estate for 8 years, rescuing horses and developing property I am still happy and having the life I want, I have listened to the SECRET maybe 1000 times and I have tried to tell others how to grow spiritually, but I don’t have the skills and want to be a consultant

  8. Henry RodrΓ­guez

    Now show us a video of all the pgi consultants who fell short and didn’t make it so we can learn from those because the guys on this video are all smiles and are rags to riches sugar coating human nature. I know people are people even when they decide to join pgi. Please make a video of those who have had a harder time getting the money together or having success with it.

  9. Henry RodrΓ­guez

    Love you Bob!!!!!

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