Bob Proctor Joins Glitter’s #SELFLOVECAMPAIGN

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  1. Elisangela Rodrigues Dos Santos


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  3. Man I love myself so much now

  4. Nothing worth fighting 4 is achieved easily. If love is what we fight for, then no one said it would be easy right!

    I’m a man so if I fight for my future, it’s out of Love First! If there is a special girl, well then don’t you think she would be fighting for me 2! Sure! Everything a guy can be, so could a gal and more: healthy, **brave** and shocking (or stunning)

    #WeAllFight4us together (but for number 1 first, the individual), then we can ‘see’ others 2! otherwise, why fight, right?!

    I think a man and woman are both attracted to the same thing in their other half, except sometimes indirectly and other times directly and always depending on the *vibe* the mood and the occasion. If I say I’m #BlackJackOfSpades and I can prove it, then I know there’s another wonderful person and force of nature just like me out there.. but I mean very wonderful, very beautiful and yes someone you stop everything for! #Everything
    I know because it’s only me who can know it, no one could really **say** with words. It’s more than only words, not less!

    …so if I’m a #ForceOfNature then..
    you must be whom! #MotherNature
    … well, yes Who’s more of a force than myself, I’m just a man anyway! ;p mm.. yep! No really just a man! ;D

  5. sathivel chandran

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  6. Oluwatobi Bodude

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