Brain FACTS: 4 AMAZING Ways Your Brain CREATES Your REALITY! (Law of Attraction) | Brain Science

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  1. *✅ Recommended Video: “Feeling is The Secret” How to FEEL What You Want Into REALITY! (Neville Goddard) ➡️ ***

  2. Like if you still see black & blue dress

  3. Very cool! Thank you!

  4. Sometimes a ‘ve some wishes to find something ,and after a while my whishes becaming true reality ,that mean my own brain has materialised all this things, and i ‘ve some mind power ?

  5. I love it 🥰 thank you!!

  6. mowriyah lovelinessthelamb yashara'l

    Christmas is pagan and satanic rituals.. Jeremiah 10 3 says don’t chop down the 🌲 or bring it to your 🏠 Amos chapter 5 vs 21 says he despises your feast days.. Leviticus 23 has the true feast days in it

  7. deeeeeep! thank you

  8. Okay now i’m tripping

  9. When I stopped watching all of the news and most tv then I have a peaceful reality so did I manifest this or did it happen because I stopped watchin

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