BREAK the Cycle of Negative Thinking Like THIS! | Law Of Attraction (The Secret)


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  2. short and to the point – excellent visuals – dialogue of value – highly advise all to listen to her prior video’s and to support hence grow this channel

  3. Confirmation Bias is what I hold to be true of life, the mass follows as sheeple without questioning so join the majority opinion.

  4. The law of attraction is always working, your thoughts create your own reality. Avoid persistant negative thoughts to avoid attracting negative things into your life.
    Sending love and the best energies your way !

  5. Teach Self Awareness

    Imagine new patterns and this creates a new thing to recognize… we begin to see the renewal of our minds in our day. Practicing Mindful Conscious Breathing is an easy and accessible way to enter the trancelike state of being an Observer. Deep, slow breaths. 👁⭐ Great video. Big help to the waking and woke.

  6. Thank you for this one – it’s going to make a big difference, that I know for sure.

  7. This was an awesome video, thank you so very much. I found the information really helpful. Love your YouTube channel. Sending You Love & Light. ❤️😀🙏💙🦋🦄🥰🔮😘

  8. Love you so very much for your conscious efforts for creating such type of life transforming vedios…. blessings and gratitude 🙏 🙏 🙏…

  9. Katty Salazar beauty and lifestyle

    Excelent video….!!!

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