BREAKING the HABIT of Struggling for What You Want! 4 Steps to CREATE a NEW HABIT Law of Attraction

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  2. this is so helpful !

  3. You are such a great person. Your voice, videos teachings. I am very gratefull

  4. “Struggling is a choice. It’s a habit – a learned behavior”

    The struggle is only as real as you perceive to be. Everything is mental! This video was so powerful I took notes on it. Thanks so much Jessica πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks so much

  6. My mental state has been at its worst recently than it was even when I was financially much poorer (I’m not even talking just enough to get by, it was below that since I lived alone on disability) and I think part of that is because I was less rational and more ignorant at the time. It’s so true that ignorance is bliss, the more aware you are of everything and the more knowledge you gain, the more depression it leads to. The more time that passes, the more bleak/less hopeful/more trapped the situation feels….the more you push for a miracle, the further it runs from you. Just once you would think something good would happen and not have it immediately followed by something bad or have it end just as quickly as it started, right? I consider myself to be someone who has all the potential to grow into a 100x better person, but it just wasn’t possible because of the environment and caliber of the people around me, and the one person I met who was the exception I have been prepared and holding out hope to meet again for almost two months now. I know you need to work on yourself first, but I’m the type of person who can’t help absorbing the energy of everyone around me (my entire country has a very low vibrational state) and need at least one person who is genuinely capable to help counter out the extreme negative vibrations all around me….

  7. I love this channel she has a nice voice too !

  8. Nature's Addiction

    I have your kindle book and I wish you would have done an audio version… Your voice is incredible.
    Great video, btw. It is nice to be reminded of these things. Love your channel. πŸ’“

  9. Thank you!

  10. Jeeva Panneerselvan


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