Bull’s Eye

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  1. Just type “Robert Kennedy Bull’s Eye” in the search field of amazon.com or amazon.co.uk and it will show up.

  2. Barrie Macmillan

    Trying to get Bob Proctor’s link off his email today to read the forward to Kennedy’s “Bull’s Eye”……we just have a lot of problems doing this downunder in Melbourne and the “server cannot be found” as is often the case. Pity really, so might have to order the book via Amazon and then pass it to my youngest son, Blake @ AON.

  3. Thank you very much Bob Proctor. Love what you do…..

  4. Parduman Kassiedass

    I will purchase the book, and read it. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless you. P.K.

  5. Danke für diesen weiteren Buchtipp. Es hat sich absolut gelohnt mein Schulenglisch aufzufrischen um die wunderbaren Bücher all der großen Mentoren lesen zu können, noch bevor sie Jahre später in deutsch übersetzt wurden. Es zu lesen heißt es zu leben. Thank you for this tipp. It was so right to polish up my schoolenglisch a few years ago to have the chance to read all the good books from all this great mentors many years before they were published in German. to read them is to live them.

  6. Bob proctor is my nigah

  7. Bob Proctor is the man.

  8. Saravanan Nathanshan

    hi machan.. nee kalakiraida

  9. i dont have money to buy this book

  10. Thank you Bob for the puzzle.

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