Change Your Habits: Paradigm Shift

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  2. bob, boh mi yong leue fi si kein jer friend jein motivation tou boh mi yong kong jer motivation si hoi liao, joer hai mi gui nang teir jer boh su mi yong der fi kong, fi liao ren lier.

  3. jer bob doyle boh yao jer bing motivation kong, jeir hai mi gui kong motivation si hoi, bob proctor yui hai mi kong dou bob boyle hiel kong, dan si boh yao jer fi kong.

  4. why human still bother about spending time on bob proctor seminar as if nothing easy to do at the office?

  5. waste time on this human continue, read continue, work continue, item continue, alive continue, moi wei geir wui chur.

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  7. This is amazing. I started to make decisions and go and do them and i start to see the good sides in everyone which feels awesome. Thank you Bob Proctor I’m so grateful for this

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  9. @3:55 that right there brought tears into my eyes
    It felt like I’m the one who won idk im confused af

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