Change Your MINDSET For Success & Happiness Even If You Think You Can’t

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  1. Kim Fleckenstein has one of the best hypnosis which you hear while you sleep. It is available in German and English language. Check out the Chanel home of love and the website home of love. Anna has created a great gudline vor hypnosis and meditations mostly for the soul healing process😇😇

  2. When you said about rereading Harry Potter books I felt that🥰⚡️❤️

  3. Mary Anne dela cruz

    Thank you for another insightful video, Leeor! Since I cannot literally put myself out there due to the current situation, I’ve taken language classes and a month into it I feel like new doors are opening to me. I am not only learning another language, getting to know new people but I am also discovering new perspectives by slowly being exposed in another culture. I agree that the world is a big school and the journey should be maximized and enjoyed! Stay safe! xx

  4. what are some of your favorite affirmation videos/channels?

  5. Hey guys! I’m a 21 year-old from Sudan, hmu if you wanna be friends:)

  6. I love this video !!

  7. Hello to all my beautiful and powerful people on here!💗 I heard about manifesting for the first time ever today and already watched quite a lot videos about it. I noticed that this topic interests me a lot and that I want to start manifesting my goals especially because I’m dealing with depression and anxiety at the moment which I want to overcome. Since this topic is completely new to me and I never been a spiritual person, a lot of information are really hard for me to belive, even If I try. I think I just need to get more into it time by time. I can not even use the 17 seconds rule, I learned about today, because my mind keeps constantly telling me the doubts „this doesn’t work“, „you are ugly“ etc. and I really don’t know how to change that. I would really appreciate it if y’all could maybe give some beginner tips on how to start and maybe some techniques on how to become more positive while manifesting if you know what I mean. Thank you for everything and I hope all goals of y’all become reality!❤️

  8. Bitesize Wisdom For Busy People

    We need to go from thinking to feeling to Being. Abiding in thought-free awareness just Being our Beingness is where we’ll find real happiness.

  9. Check out Grace Smith ! She is an amazing hypnotherapist

  10. Hi, I have a question about ego death. When you are experiencing ego death does that mean you shouldn’t want anything? Pls help

  11. marissa peer has pretty cool hypotherapy

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