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  1. Can you give me any pointers with changing my beliefs with job opportunities? I’ve been feeling for a long time i can’t get hired, no one wants to hire me and i have no clue why, and jobs always say their going with someone else better than me. I’ve been trying so hard to stay positive and tell myself they want to hire me, i am better than the other interviewees. What can do i better to have a better outcome

  2. Same one here about relationships and money and I felt too much pressure about both subjects specially 2018 I’m trying to change my mind about them subjects but in this process I struggle sometimes not receiving and see the result I want and I tried everything I know it takes time but sometimes keeping up the vibration it’s hard for exmapel I’m want to manifest a text msg from my specific person who I changed my mind about him and it’s been two months now but I haven’t got any rustle deep down I know he is thinking about me but I don’t know why I haven’t get my text msg yet not saying I’m losing hope but it’s hard at same even when you let it go but when it’s too long suddenly it’s comes to your mind and you say yourself heem what it makes too long to just receive a text msg if someone have an opposition gald to know and thanks for the video ❤

  3. Is there an approximate time frame before our limiting beliefs completely change? Thank you soooo much!

  4. I feel free♥️😭

  5. This is the game changing thing.I am going to do it daily.

  6. I’m an artist. I have been nearly my whole life but through limiting beliefs I never called myself an artist. I didn’t sell many pieces and i would always quit creating out of fear and self doubt. I have changed my inner voice. I am an artist. I am really good. What I create others love and want to buy. Because I have recently changed my thoughts I have sold every piece of artwork I have posted on my Facebook in the last couple of weeks. I am so grateful to have found your channel today. I’m excited to listen to your encouraging words and to keep growing.

  7. In your last story which you read..why didi that girl broke after 3 years?

  8. So I had done the 30 day email thing followed by the 7 day one and at the end of day 7 it offered a discount for the Love Mastery program, but there was no link to click! Help!

  9. I had a very simmilar weight loss experience and I’m very happy that each day I see changes and look better. I’m sure all of us will manifest our dreams by changing beliefs ✨💕

  10. leor hi. thank u so much for ur videos. i had learned so much about life changing thought pattern and manifesting. i am confused about how to set intention in correct form. Should i say i will meet my soulmate soon or i intend to meet my soulmate soon.which one is more accurate to set an intention?? thank u so much again

  11. I used to be so afraid of having friendships and relationships with men, because I have been sexually and emotionally abused by men for so many years. Through out my childhood and my teenage years, this affected me deeply to the point I programmed myself to believe that I was never going to meet the right guy for me & that I would never be able to have healthy sex or that I would never be able to have healthy friendships with men in my life that are truly there for me, that truly love me for who I am and want to grow with me on a deeper level.

    I had so many guys that rejected me and that went to another woman because I thought about myself as ”never good enough” and or as a ”second choice” or not ”attractive enough” or ”I’m not allowed to enjoy healthy & mindful, experimental sex”, etcetera – I was CONSUMED 100% by those thoughts. But since my Ayahuasca ceremonies in Ibiza this year, I get the time to rewrite my limiting beliefs about myself and about those things into positive manifestations and I see miracles happening everywhere!

    I now know that I’m already whole within & that I am deserving of healthy relationships and doing things that come from this wholeness & pure divine love that I am surrounded with in my life, etcetera.

    I am allowed to enjoy life every single day, there’s pure love and beauty around me everywhere.
    I am worthy of love and I am love, I am whole and complete.

    Same thing goes for money, so many things are changing positively now and I just want to say thank you for posting all of these video’s because they helped me with reprogramming my beliefs & changing my life in a positive way,

    I am eternally grateful for your light in this world & I send you all the love.
    Keep on shining, Leeor! You are truly divine magic <3

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