CHANGING PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Manifestation Monday | Law of Attraction Success Stories Dec 10

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  1. Hi Leeor, I’ve been watching a lot of “law of attraction – change physical appearance” videos. This one really resonated with me, I love that your friend rubbed her ankles and told them she loved and how small they were. I have not heard of that technique yet and I am going to try it on myself, so thank you for sharing! Your eyes are huge and beautiful, also I would have NO IDEA that you have bell’s palsy if you hadn’t mentioned it. Much love 🙂

  2. I used law of attraction on my overall face and aura. My face looks completely different !! My aura is glowing I look like a freakin model now. Your mind is very very powerful. If you believe something it happens. So if I believe that I’m sexy ash and my face is perfect. Then that’s what’s gonna be reality.

  3. Do i need to take action to change physical appearance… for example for heighy.

  4. Yooo BROWN EYES are freaking GORGEOUS! I have hazel eyes and both of my parents have brown eyes, theres alot of blue eyes on my father’s side so that explains how I got hazel lol but I really think dark brown eyes will suit me much better, especially since my mom is East Asian. I wanna look more like my parents lmaoo

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  6. tαєkσσk wífєuツ

    My brother getting married

  7. omfl I forgot about how pretty u are😍😍😛

  8. But you are STUNNING

  9. Saint Jerry The Goat Fucker

    Just wanna remove my nose hump

    Update:named him robert

  10. I am very good at manifesting materialistic goods. But changing my appearance is quite tricky as I have very low self esteem.. but I’m working on it. I 💖 me

  11. Your gorgeous and your eyes are beautiful 🥰🥰

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