Create The Life You Want in 2019

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  1. My children and I have just moved 7,000 kms to be with my mum and brother but we feel lost we need to inspired and to find our mo jo !!!!! I want us to be successful we deserve it …. ❤️loved your little pep talks …. I’d love to see a seminar ….

  2. Thank you so much☺😍

  3. Amazing video.

  4. ‘Nothing happens by accident’ so for example the poor souls tortured & murdered in Syria, family devastated by loss of a family member or plural due to car accident, cancer, flood, fire , etc etc is not an accident it’s a law… hmmm bad preaching… goal setting is brilliant , for focus & aims & purpose but to say that everything that happens is not an accident it’s law… no sorry … the word law in itself implies authority…. life happens , with all the best will in the world sometimes goals need to be changed, lives change, this is called ‘life ‘ and the skills to cope with change/ failure of a project / loss of a loved one are about resilience , coping strategies & acceptability…. failure is ok… Don’t let phrases like the above make anyone feel less adequate than the wonderful human they are who is trying their best… plants go through cycles, the natural laws of the physical world… however there is nothing natural about deforestation due to human destruction… we need to mindful about over hyping rhetoric…

  5. Nice dhoice of music.

  6. Proctor Gallagher Institute

    Reserve your spot for the Art of Goal Achieving:

  7. Im from Georgia (europe) but on event I am click interested )) on Facebook, Bob Good luck, and thank you.

  8. Thanku sir
    Plz always be there for us
    Thanku for guiding us
    Thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku…….

  9. Thank you Mr Bob .you are a great person 👌💚

  10. I am from India and I am unable to come there. So, please give me another way to attend the programme.

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