Do Exactly What I Tell You! | Bob Proctor

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  1. This is a really great message💫

  2. Rodrigo Gomes Mensagens do Coração

    Thank vou very much

  3. So true. Mike Tyson said he did everything Cus D told him to do.💪❤

  4. your conditioned, limited ego mind is never satisfied how things are, but the real you has been in perfect peace, joy, and harmony even before your body materialized into matter on the day you were brought into this dimension.

  5. justlikeme rosehennaartist

    He explains Soo good the precious information hit get straight into my mind n See in my life lift love Bob whtvr ur harmonious alignment with it u get it all

  6. Thanks bob

  7. Tell me how to make 1 million Bob. I can follow instructions like a robot 🤖

  8. Excellent teaching.

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