Do THIS For 30 Days & You Will See INCREDIBLE RESULTS! (Reprogram Your Mind!) Law of Attraction

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  1. Recommended Video: If People Knew This ONE Thing It Would COMPLETELY CHANGE Their Life! (Eye Opening Video!)

    • Thanks for this even I have thoughts randomly it’s what is said that randomly gives me the answer without thinking but then I consider personal experiences gives your life of destiny and ect things go in a circuit with actions and thoughts and feelings whereas thinking positively and saying a dream or the life you wanna live is makes you motivated having links of numerous connect you to the thought and keeps you motivated you also will remember it in memory s or thought keep achieving your dreams and stay motivated don’t let the past put you down think ahead I’m only11 and I’m writing this so big respect his to me check my channel and you see I’m 11 peace out And even speaking to yourself can improve your brain in many ways make sure to write it down.🖕sub to me

    • How awesome that you know this at age 11! Congratulations on your channel and I wish you all the success in the world!!

    • +Your Youniverse thanks😊

    • +TheGamerinjaGo Nice Work Gamer, I dont know what half the things you said mean 🙂 but I love the positive thoughts and words.

  2. wow that is really helpful i am really grateful to watch this.

  3. Kristina Ulrika Odén

    Also helping people with Add/Adhd/aspberger? When the neurotransmittors like dopamins passage is blocked. Does this positive thinking helps anyway?? I hope so.

  4. Gert Leroy - Peace in Every Breath

    awesome vid !

  5. Be gratefull, truly gratefull and everything will flow and fall into place before your feet.

  6. Love your video


  8. However we consciously influence the course of our life what I believe is the universe plays a dominant role

  9. I am going through bad days of my life , I pray from the universe and God plzz help me , make my life Better … I believe in Law of Attraction ॐ🙏

  10. As a resource speaker on Adverse Childhood Experiences and their memories, there’s good news: Those ACE…

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