Do You Look for the Opportunities Around You? | Bob Proctor

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  2. I have to let go of my image of the world so that it can take care of itself so I can shift my focus to take care of my self

  3. Useless

  4. love from the Uk, you’ve helped me a lot to help myself haha, big up Proctor

  5. Valérie De Roeck

    I never tought to look at it This way, This is really new, Tfs! I Will think About it regularly!

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  7. Opportunity is always knockin’

  8. Mihályné.Marika Krausz

    Jó egészséget kívánok ,fantasztikus hogy mik vannak Krausz 1000@gmail.cím. ez is le van tiltva.szél ellen pisálni nem lehet…van saját földem,majd értékesítem.,hogy egy kis pénzhez jussak.

  9. Of course, I did looking for my futures opportunity, but not from you all as liars and cheaters!!!!!!

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