Dr. Joe Dispenza UNLOCK the FULL Potential of Your MIND! The Law Of Attraction & Quantum Physics

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  1. Your Youniverse

    Recommended Video: When You CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, You CHANGE YOUR REALITY! Powerful Info!

  2. Thanks so much Jessica! Im fascinated by Dr. Joe’s work. Have a great vacay! You deserve it!

  3. Great Video! Thank you! Love This!!!

  4. johnny blueprints

    Great stuff Jessica!

  5. OH OH Gaia has been bad news lately. David Wilcox just got burnt from them, They are controlling your info.you can share. You may not see it now, but in time you will. Deceit.

  6. Thank you Lisa…. Dr. Joe; thank you so much for this beautiful interview. I remember watching this on Gaia and as always, you fill me with so much wisdom. Its such a joy to sit and listen to you, Dr. Joe. I have read your books, watched so many videos on You tube and each time I am learning something new. Sometimes there are events that can shape your life and i would term them as milestones. Dr. Joe; you will always be that milestone in my destiny. Thank you for the knowledge and love to share that with the world. Continue inspiring more and God bless you with abundance in everything.

  7. WoW! I really enjoyed this very much. There are so much useful information right here. Thank you.

  8. Петр Марков

    You are beautiful. Thank you for loving us all Jessica !

  9. You are the best,thank you.

  10. Hey Jessica I love your channel and love your work . I recently posted a video about my top 10 spiritual channels on your tube your channel and Dr. Joe are just two ! Check it out … thank you for your great content ! I will copy the link below if your interested ! ❤️🙏👍

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