“Easy Money” Affirmations! (Listen for 21 days!)

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  1. Thank you

  2. Can I listen to
    It while sleeping?

  3. This is probably the best ☝️

  4. Money Flows to me easily and effortlessly… And am. So very grateful… Thanks to God for Life health and strength…

  5. Justin make a 8 hour bedtime affirmation session Your awesome your the best

  6. I was less than 15mins in, in the video. And my mom randomly comes in to tell me to contact the client with a $4000 contract. Yeeey!❤ money comes easilyyyy

  7. ايوب ألشهيبي

    Its inside you..wen you feel pore .the life wel be pore for you …. its all abut feeling ..just feel good from you chest .

  8. This is amazing can you do more for sleeping (sleep hypnosis) and maybe not just about money.

  9. By believing you need money affirmations already sets you at a disadvantage.

  10. ernestas skapinskas

    I love it.

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